24 Nov 2022

Read about 8 common myths about Electric vehicles (EV). Check out the car insurance policy for Electric vehicles (EV) from Kotak General Insurance.

Electric vehicles (EVs) – the newest addition to the automobile world – is getting the kind of attention that any new technology does. While a group of people are excited about EVs and welcoming their use, others are still skeptical about these vehicles. Are EVs really an environmentally sound choice? Is there a car insurance policy for them? What about the safety precautions? Read on to burst some of the most common myths about EVs.

Myth 1:

Electric vehicles are equally polluting

Many people are under the impression that an electric vehicle is no less polluting than a normal vehicle with a combustible engine. After all, even electricity is generated by natural gas, oil, or coal-based power plants. However, an EV needs no oil change or gasoline because there are no internal combustible engines.

As fewer cars keep emitting harmful fumes, particularly in the urban regions, air pollution is reduced in tandem. And if you go for the greenest electric option in the area, it’ll further ensure carbon reduction.

Myth 2:

EV batteries do not last long

Your smartphone batteries do not last beyond a few years mainly because you have to charge them at least once daily. On the other hand, the EV batteries only have to be charged a of couple times every month. These batteries are specially meant to ensure smart charging and replenish the dead cells. It is meant to distribute the complete load across all the cells that tend to build up the entire battery pack.

Myth 3:

Car insurance is not available for EVs

This is a myth about both car insurance and EVs. Now, the truth is that there is no specialized car insurance policy for e-vehicles including e-bikes. You will just need to purchase the same insurance plan as for any other car and two wheeler.

However, it is soon going to change. As the demand for modern EVs is rising in the country, the motor insurance providers are also on the way to develop more bespoke insurance plans designed for electric vehicles.

Myth 4:

You are going to land up flat batteries frequently

The EV batteries nowadays are much more strongly made to deal with the risks of getting stranded midway because of flat batteries. In fact, the range in most EVs is far more than the average daily driving limit for most drivers. Most of the modern EVs can cover a driving range of about 470 km, which is more than enough for the drivers. Also, there are more battery charging stations opening up across the country. So, flat batteries should not be an issue.

Myth 5:

EVs tend to be slower than regular vehicles

This is the biggest myth about EVs after the one about car insurance. EVs tend to be faster than the regular gasoline-powered rides. It is due to the fact that the electric motor is able to instantly generate 100 percent of the torque available.

Myth 6:

EVs are a lot more expensive

Going by the present price trends, EVs have seen a price drop recently and it is going to drop further in the years to come. But there is no denying that they are costlier than gasoline-powered vehicles at present. It is also true that EVs have many discounts and tax benefits on loan for an electric vehicle. So, you are getting your money’s worth in the long run.

Myth 7:

EVs are not safe to travel on

Though an EV is a comparatively lighter vehicle, it goes through several checks and tests by competent authorities before being released into the markets.

Myth 8:

EVs need expensive maintenance

When you look at the bigger picture, the running cost of an EV is a lot less than the usual ICE-powered cars. With an EV, you will never need oil changing or oil check-ups. Additionally, they are made in a way that they have much less number of attachments and parts to need a replacement. Just a simple one-speed transmission procedure is used all along the usual eschew items, such as hoses, catalytic converters, clutches, drive belts, distributors, starters, mufflers, tailpipes, valves, fuel tanks, and sparking plugs. The main mechanism of EVs are made by these basic components.

The bottom line

The facts stated above clearly outline that EVs are a smarter choice in the modern day and age. They are not only secure and safe, but also tick all the boxes regarding the qualities you would want in a good car or bike. Furthermore safeguarding your vehicle with a car insurance is paramount. Head- on to Kotak General Insurance page and check our comprehensive insurance policy Kotak Car Secure, which provides extensive coverage for own damage and third party damage. Read More about:

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