Choosing the best bike insurance add-ons for off-roading adventures


03 Oct 2023

Understand how to pick the finest bike insurance supplementary coverage for off-roading excursions.

Off-roading adventures can be thrilling and delightful experiences for bike riders. However, these adventures also come with unique risks and challenges that may not be covered by standard bike insurance policies. To ensure comprehensive coverage and financial protection during off-roading expeditions, it is essential to consider specific add-ons or riders that cater to the needs of off-road riders. Get the best bike insurance add-ons for off-roading adventures from kotak bike insurance that can enhance your coverage.

Why add-ons for off-roading adventures is important?

Bike insurance online add-ons for off-roading adventures are important to protect yourself and your bike in unforeseeable circumstances. By considering the specific add-ons or riders mentioned above, including off-road coverage, personal accident coverage, accessories coverage, emergency assistance, medical expense coverage and gear and apparel coverage, you can enhance your bike insurance policy to provide optimal protection during off-roading expeditions.

How to choose the best bike insurance add-ons for off-roading adventures?

Below are some key points to consider while choosing the best bike or two-wheeler insurance online add-ons for off-roading adventures:

  • Personal accident rider

A personal accident rider provides coverage for bodily injuries, disabilities or death resulting from accidents while riding off-road in two wheeler insurance policy. Off-roading can be a high-risk activity and accidents can lead to severe injuries. This rider offers financial support for medical expenses, hospitalization, rehabilitation and even income replacement during recovery. It provides an additional layer of protection for you as the rider, ensuring that you are covered in case of unfortunate accidents during off-roading adventures.

  • Roadside assistance rider

A roadside assistance rider provides coverage for emergency assistance on the road, towing services and even transportation for you and your bike in case of breakdowns or accidents during off-road rides. Off-roading adventures often take place in remote or challenging terrains where assistance may be limited. This rider is particularly valuable if you frequently venture into remote areas where access to help may be limited.

  • Medical expense coverage rider

A medical expense coverage rider offers coverage for medical expenses incurred due to injuries sustained while riding off-road. Off-roading accidents can result in injuries that require immediate medical attention. It covers costs such as ambulance services, emergency room treatment, hospitalization, surgery and follow-up care. This rider ensures that you have protection for medical expenses, allowing you to focus on your recovery without worrying about the expenses.


When embarking on off-roading adventures, it's crucial to have comprehensive bike insurance coverage that addresses the unique risks associated with this activity. With kotak bike insurance, you can have the right insurance coverage and enjoy your off-roading adventures, knowing that you are adequately protected against unforeseen events.

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