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21 Jul 2023

Read about Car insurance for road trip enthusiasts. For more information, check out the car insurance from Kotak General Insurance.

For a road enthusiast, nothing is more fun and exciting than a road trip. Despite the uneven Indian terrain, broken roads, and endless speed bumps, a road trip can offer a much-needed break from the everyday hustles. However, before you get set to enthrall excitement, it is prudent that you check that everything is in order so that no unforeseen incident can dampen your high spirits. Proper maintenance of your vehicle is essential before embarking on any road trip.

You also need to take the time to check fluid levels, tyre pressure, and other components as it helps ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for you and your passengers. Another important can’t-be-missed aspect is your car insurance policy. Make sure you have adequate car insurance to cover anything and everything you may need, even when you are far away from home.

Top 3 points to keep in mind:

1. Rather than just a third-party liability car insurance policy, opt for comprehensive insurance.

No matter if it's a road trip or a random tour around your vicinity, your vehicle needs a valid and active car insurance policy. Motor Vehicle Act legalities make it compulsory for all motor vehicles to have a minimum of third-party cover, however, for a road trip enthusiast, the coverage of the same may not be sufficient.

A third-party liability car insurance only covers the losses caused to a third-party person or property by the insured car and has no coverage for the insured car. On the other hand, comprehensive car insurance ensures all-around protection against accidents, fires, theft, natural as well as man-made disaster, etc. The latter acts as an ideal car insurance for road trips.

2. Look out for add-on features that can come in handy:

Every road trip is a different one, and some may require more protective shields for your car than the basic coverage of your car insurance. For this, you can opt add-on covers, like-

• Zero depreciation cover:

When you raise a claim for your car insurance policy, the depreciation cost of your vehicle is deducted from the claim amount. However, if you have a zero-depreciation cover, no depreciation cost is calculated, which consequently reduces your out-of-pocket expenses.

• Roadside assistance cover:

Roadside assistance can be exactly what you need when exploring unknown routes. In case your car malfunctions while on the go, you need not worry but call your insurer. A technician will soon come to assist you 24*7.

• Consumables cover:

Consumables refer to car parts like nuts and bolts, ball bearings, grease, etc. With a consumables cover added to your car insurance, you can claim for the expenses on consumables.

3. Make sure you carry all important documents, including an adequate car insurance policy:

There are certain documents that you must carry with you when on a road trip. These include the registration certificate (RC), pollution papers of the car, and also the car insurance policy. Make sure the policy is active and has not expired.


Only the one who ensures safety preparation is called a successful road trip enthusiast. So, make sure you do not lag anywhere and go for all-around coverage for your car. As you get your rucksack ready, make sure you keep all the updated documents with you, including your car insurance policy.

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