Can you make a bike insurance claim without a driving license or RC?


22 Nov 2023

Navigating Bike Insurance Claims Without Essential Documents

A bike insurance plan is mandatory for every bike owner. The purpose of an insurance plan is to raise a claim in times of need. In order to raise a bike insurance claim, you need to have certain documents like policy papers, registration certificates, driving licenses, identity proof, etc. But what if you do not have all these documents? In such a situation, you may wonder if raising a claim is possible or not. Read on to learn how to claim bike insurance without a driving license.

How to claim bike insurance without a driver's license?

Registration certificates and driving licenses are essential documents not only for raising a bike insurance claim but also for legal compliance. However, in case your bike is stolen or lost in a disaster, you may lose these essential documents as well. In such a situation, you may not be able to raise a claim.

Remember, such a situation can be specific to insurance providers. Hence, in some cases, you may find it difficult to raise a claim in the absence of a registration certificate or DL. With Kotak car insurance or bike insurance plans, you need to have essential documents to raise a claim.

Tips for filing a bike insurance claim without an RC

In order to raise a claim, the policyholder has to submit certain mandatory documents, which include DL and RC. In case you lose these papers, here is how you can retrieve duplicates of the same and go for a bike insurance claim.

Let's understand how to claim bike insurance without a driving license and RC-

  1. Official procedure

In case you do not have the original DL and RC, do not panic. You can still get these documents and file a claim. This is how you can get a copy of DL, RC and other documents:

  • File a complaint at a nearby police station about your lost documents. Collect a copy of the FIR registered

  • Visit nearby RTO and raise a request for duplicate RC and DL by submitting the necessary documents

  • Pay the fees for duplicate RC and DL

  • You will also have to perform biometrics if you have a Smart Registration Certificate

  • You will soon receive a copy of the documents

You may also file a complaint online and do the needful for duplicate DL and RC.

  1. Raise a claim

When you get a duplicate copy of the lost documents, like a registration certificate or DL, you can raise a claim online or offline. Prior to raising a claim, make sure to inform your insurer about the incident and that you are presenting duplicate documents.


Ensuring the safety of essential documents like RC or DL is important. In case you lose these documents, you can get a duplicate to raise a bike insurance claim. Make sure you do not drive till the time you get your license and registration back.

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