Buy car insurance to get protection against cyclone damages.


28 Jun 2023

Read about how to buy car insurance to protect against cyclone damage. Check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance for more information

Due to global climate change, the world is witnessing a host of natural calamities. Many states of India have experienced intense cyclones in the recent past due to rising sea levels.

In 2021, the country saw a series of cyclones from Yaas, Gulab, and Jawad to Tauktae. Such incidents result in heavy damages and financial losses. Car owners face the risk of their vehicles getting damaged. So, when your car gets damaged due to a cyclone, only a car insurance policy can be your ultimate saviour. It would help recover the losses to an extent.

The coverage you get depends on the type of car insurance policy you have

One should note that the type of insurance policy matters a lot when filing a claim and getting compensation from the insurer in the event of natural calamities like a cyclone.

• Third-party car insurance

Suppose you have a third-party liability insurance cover, a mandatory requirement for all car owners in India as per law. In that case, you will not get coverage for the damages to your car due to natural disasters like a cyclone. Third-party car insurance only covers damages to others' (third party's) vehicle due to your involvement in an accident.

• Comprehensive car insurance

This comprehensive insurance policy covers damages caused to your four-wheeler due to accidents, natural calamities, or any other event. A comprehensive cover covers your property, bodily injuries, and damages caused to others' vehicles. In a nutshell, it covers both own damages and third-party liabilities.

Buying comprehensive car insurance is always the best option as you can get coverage for all your losses without any hassles. As a policyholder, you can easily prove the damage since it is a piece of national news. The insurance company would process the claim request on a priority basis.

Here's what you should do if your four-wheeler is damaged due to cyclone and what steps you should take to request a car insurance claim.

1. Inform your insurance company: In case there are damages to the exteriors or interiors of your vehicle, you need to inform the insurance company about the damages and the extent of damages within the specific timeline.

2. Click pictures for evidence: Make sure you also take pictures of damages/dents on the cars. This will act as evidence while you claim the compensation from the motor insurance company.

3. Get the car inspected by the surveyor: Once you raise a claim request, the insurance company will send a surveyor to check and assess the extent of the loss. Based on the surveyor's report, the insurance will decide whether it should be covered under cashless claim settlement.

4. Submit the necessary documents & collect the required details: Once you have obtained the report, you can begin preparing for the cashless claim or reimbursement, whichever way the insurer approves it. You must provide details such as policy number and car details for the car insurance claim.

The Final Word:

So, when you purchase a car insurance policy, it is always good to have a comprehensive car insurance policy rather than a third-party car insurance policy as it offers all round protection to your car. Know more about Kotak Car Secure, a comprehensive car insurance policy and make an informed choice of buying car insurance policy for your car.

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