Bike insurance for Biking in Winter


21 Jul 2023

Get bike insurance online without any hassle today especially for long travels during winter.

Since India is primarily a hot region, bikers eagerly anticipate the winter months when the temperature becomes delightfully chilly and comfortable, especially for long travels. Winters, however, may be challenging for bike owners as the frigid weather frequently makes riding the bike a shivering affair and can pose threats to your bike journeys due to fog, slick roads, and even snow. The good news is that having bike insurance may help you be ready for such unforeseen circumstances.

Understanding the types of bike insurance policies to buy

A third-party policy and a comprehensive policy are the two insurance cover options available when purchasing bike insurance online or offline.

A third-party insurance policy, which protects your two-wheeler from any legal responsibilities resulting from an accident or collision, is the minimum insurance coverage that is necessary. A comprehensive policy, on the other hand, offers complete coverage for repairs. Therefore, it is better to have comprehensive insurance coverage because it offers both own and third-party liability coverage. A comprehensive policy also offers the option of adding additional bike insurance coverage through an add-on facility.

We will now explore the reasons why bike insurance is necessary throughout the entire year, not only during the winter.

• The law mandates insurance -

According to the Motor Vehicles Act, a two-wheeler may only be driven on a public road if the owner has purchased valid third-party bike insurance. This is performed in order to lessen the bike owner's potential liability for harm to another person's life or property.

• Erratic winter weather -

Winter fog significantly reduces visibility, which increases the likelihood of accidents. Even the best drivers have been involved in accidents on the road because only continual awareness and complete road attention can ensure fewer accidents. However, if you have comprehensive bike insurance coverage, you may pay for any damage that results from an accident.

• Unpredictable nature -

Natural disasters have always been a reason of utmost worry to bike owners. The bike may be damaged by natural disasters like floods, landslides, earthquakes, and others, and in certain situations, it might need high-cost repairs. Your bike insurance will be considerably helpful in that situation.

• Man-Made Problems -

Bike insurance may shield you against a variety of man-made issues, including riots, strikes, and arson. While not specifically winter-related, these issues may happen at any time, and if you're unfortunate, the damage might be significant. If such a situation arises, bike insurance will provide protection for your bike repair costs.

• Bike Thefts -

India has always struggled with the serious issue of bike theft. Winter also gives burglars a better chance to steal your vehicle because of the short days and long nights. However, you might anticipate some relief in the form of financial recompense if you have comprehensive bike insurance.

• Personal accident insurance while traveling -

In the event of an accident, you will require the best healthcare available, regardless of cost. For this reason, the IRDAI has made it mandatory for everyone who purchases auto or motorcycle insurance to get a personal accident policy with a minimum value ofRs.15 lakhs.

Your life is always in your hands, so take control of it. Since the weather and road conditions are unpredictable in the winter, having bike insurance is very necessary if you want to safeguard your funds in the event of an unanticipated occurrence.

Get bike insurance online without any hassle today to have peace of mind as you enjoy the rides during this chilly season.

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