Avoid mistakes when making claims for third party bike insurance


21 Jul 2023

Dont's in third-party bike insurance claim submission

The Indian Motor Vehicle Act (1988) mandates that each owner of a two-wheeler vehicle in India have third-party bike insurance coverage when riding a bike on public roads. The third-party insurance provides coverage for any third person who sustains harm (including bodily injury, death, or property damage) as a result of an accident involving the insured vehicle.

Although it would seem simple to submit a bike insurance claim, it is not. Many consumers make mistakes that result in claim denial because the procedure for filing a third-party bike insurance claim is a bit complicated, especially for newbies.

So, let's look at some regular errors to avoid while filing a third-party bike insurance claim.

Mistakes in third-party bike insurance claim submission

• Attempt to escape the accident area.

Accidents may be terrifying, especially if a third person is involved. It's critical to maintain composure and refrain from leaving or fleeing the accident scene. Assess the situation to see whether medical treatment is needed, then make the necessary arrangements.

• Remember to submit the first information report (FIR)

After an accident or catastrophe, you should contact your neighboring police station as quickly as you can. Always report traffic incidents to the police since failing to do so is against the law. Additionally, applying for and receiving a claim under your insurance policy is made simpler for you when you file an FIR against the other party.

• Don't wait to make a claim.

Make sure to notify the insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Also, you must notify before taking the bike in for repairs. There may be instances where the policyholder is hurt or is in shock. A little delay in informing your insurance provider is permissible, but a long delay may result in the denial of your claim.

• Don't forget to get information about the third party.

Gather all of the third party's information to ensure a successful claim settlement. Make a note of the license plate number, insurance information, and maybe the contact information of the third party. You must provide strong proof to back up your statement if you don't want it to be disproved.

• Don't drive a bike without having a proper driving license

Unavoidable collisions can seriously damage the bike and likely result in high costs for the third party. In these situations, the car's driver is questioned. Thus, the driver should have had a current driver's license at the moment of the accident. Also, the driver shouldn't be using any intoxicating substances.

• Do not acknowledge a check marked "final payment" or sign any related documents.

Never agree to anything in writing that has been issued by the insurance of a third party before consulting a lawyer. The phrase "Final Payment" on a check should also be ignored. Prior to accepting such contributions, it is preferable to get legal counsel.

• Do not panic

Strive to remain calm in such a scenario so that you may come to the finest judgments. Anxiety will just make things worse. Hence, remain calm and talk to the other person at the accident site. Try to find a solution to your issue rather than engaging in conflict.


Claims for third-party bike insurance are difficult to complete. Nonetheless, there is very little probability that your claim will be denied if you adhere to all the necessary procedures. The lengthy turnaround time throughout the procedure may make the settlement seem overwhelming. To guarantee that you receive the most benefit from your bike insurance claim, you should be sure to follow the instructions above if you do decide to make one.

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