Are fiber parts covered by a bike insurance policy


21 Jul 2023

How good comprehensive bike insurance policy helps with fiber parts cover if you choose the right add-ons

When buying bike insurance, ensure you have fiber parts covered (add-on) in your concerned policy. This guarantees coverage against damage to the bike's fiber parts if you have purchased a comprehensive or standalone own-damage insurance policy. However, if you simply carry third-party liability insurance, you are not protected from this loss. To acquire coverage against losses to your bike caused by fiber part failure, you may either upgrade your third-party plan to a complete policy or purchase a standalone own-damage plan separately.

A conventional bike insurance policy, however, does not permit full claims on iron, aluminum, metal, or fiber parts cover, which places a significant financial burden on the owner of the damaged vehicle. It results from the depreciation that happens over time. So, you need a comprehensive bike insurance policy with a zero-depreciation add-on if you want complete coverage.

What is zero depreciation bike insurance add-on cover?

A supplemental policy known as a zero-depreciation bike insurance policy safeguards the whole worth of your bike in the case of a catastrophic loss. This implies that the insurance provider will cover the entire cost of fixing your bike, even the fiber parts if it is destroyed in an accident. Upon acquiring the zero-depreciation add-on, the insurer will determine the payment based on the IDV.

After an accident, the insurance company will normally cover 70% of the cost after accounting for the fiber parts cover.

What are the benefits of zero-depreciation bike insurance add-on cover?

A person who owns a brand-new bike benefits from a zero-depreciation bike insurance policy. A policyholder does not have to pay for the depreciation of various parts when they have zero-dep insurance. This zero-depreciation add-on insurance allows full coverage of a vehicle's rubber, nylon, fiber parts, plastic, and other elements. This supplementary coverage offers more significant savings than a typical comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing a zero-depreciation fiber parts cover in bike insurance

With zero-depreciation coverage, the following considerations should be made -

• Usually, it can only be taken on brand-new motorcycles or bikes no more than five years old.

• The cost of your bike insurance will go up with the zero-depreciation add-on, but it will be worth it.

• Deducted depreciation values for the parts are different from one another.


Yes, a good comprehensive bike insurance policy helps with fiber parts cover if you choose the right add-ons. You must read the policy documents to check if the insurance provider has fiber parts cover to ensure a smooth claim settlement process.

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