Are airbags covered in a car insurance policy in India?


08 Jun 2023

Understanding Airbag Coverage in Indian Car Insurance Policies

Airbags in the car are proven beneficial in saving drivers’ and passengers’ lives. As they provide cushioning and protect you from fatal injuries during a car crash or an accident, airbags are one of your car's safety features. You might ask, does comprehensive car insurance provide cover for airbags? Read on to get the answer to that!

Significance of airbags in the car:

Before you know about the insurance coverage for airbags, it is crucial to understand how they work and their importance to your car.

Nowadays, cars are loaded with many safety features, and every new car comes with airbags fitted. The science behind the airbags in the car is quite simple. During a collision or crash, onboard sensors send the signal to airbag modules to inflate the bags and deploy them for drivers and passengers. Airbags are designed to work in synchronism with seat belts and thus are named ‘supplementary restraint devices. This cushions the vulnerable parts of your body, like the neck, head, spine, etc., and saves you from deadly injuries.

Generally, these airbags are made up of nylon fabric, and the place of installation may vary depending on the car model and variant. There are front airbags, knee airbags, and side airbags.

Are airbags covered in the car insurance policy in India?

Basically, you can avail of two types of car insurance policies. The first one is third-party liability insurance, which is legally mandatory to drive your car on Indian roads. This provides coverage for liabilities arising from third parties for the damage or loss caused to them when your vehicle is involved in an accident of your fault. The second one is the comprehensive car insurance policy which is essential as it provides coverage for both third-party liabilities and own damage/losses. However, it excludes normal wear and tear of the vehicle, and the cover is provided after factoring in the depreciation for most of the parts.

If you have to repair/replace the airbag, it is expensive. Hence, it is crucial to know whether your car insurance provides cover for airbags or not. Yes! The comprehensive car insurance policy in India includes coverage for airbags. However, it is essential to remember that the cover is provided after factoring in the depreciation applicable.

For the replacement of parts, the following is the depreciation rate applicable:


Depreciation rates

Parts made of glass


Fiberglass components


Parts made of nylon, plastic, or rubber such as airbags, tyres, batteries, and tubes


However, there is an option to get complete coverage for airbags or any other parts, for which depreciation is applicable. You can opt for an add-on/ rider called zero depreciation cover to get full coverage. You can avail of this add-on by paying an additional premium while purchasing/renewing your comprehensive car insurance policy. With this, you can avoid incurring out-of-pocket costs.

To sum up, if you need complete coverage, it is essential to buy a comprehensive car insurance policy along with the necessary add-ons. Shop around and make an intelligent choice!

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