Anti-Theft devices and your bike insurance: How do they impact premiums?


23 Nov 2023

Securing Your Bike: The Impact of Anti-Theft Devices on Insurance Premiums

Your beloved bike is probably one of your most precious possessions, so protecting it is of utmost priority. Anti-theft devices for bikes are crucial in preserving your two-wheeler's security as well as your peace of mind. Despite being in a secure locality, the chances of theft cannot be completely disregarded. This is why people resort to installing anti-theft devices (ATD) in their vehicles to ensure higher protection to the vehicles. Kotak bike insurance also encourages users to install ATDs, as the benefits are multiple.

What are anti-theft devices?

As the name suggests, anti-theft devices are gadgets that improve the safety of your vehicle. Different types of anti-theft devices like GPS trackers, car alarms, kill switches, and mechanical immobilisers use various techniques to ensure your vehicle’s safety.

Depending on your choice, you may install these. Since anti-theft devices are an additional feature to your vehicle, you need to inform your insurance company about the changes so the policy can also be updated accordingly.

Impact of anti-theft devices on motor insurance premium

ATD or anti-theft devices must be Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) approved in order to avail of insurance benefits. Be it a car or bike anti-theft devices and insurance, policyholders can see significant changes in the premium.

A bike insurance policy offers financial protection and compensation if your vehicle is lost or damaged. The purpose of ATD is also to help find your vehicle if it gets stolen. Hence, you enjoy bike insurance premium reduction when you install ATD on your bike or any motor vehicle.

A policyholder can enjoy a bike insurance premium reduction of up to 2.5% for two-wheeler insurance with anti-theft features. Just make sure that ATDs are ARAI-approved.

Benefits of anti-theft devices

Did you know that in Delhi, a vehicle is stolen every 12 minutes? Scary, isn’t it? Read on how, apart from bike insurance policy discounts for security, ATDs offer other benefits as well, like:

  1. Peace of mind

The first and the very basic benefit of the anti-theft device is mental peace. While the possibility of mishaps cannot be wiped off, having ATD ensures a higher level of protection with peace of mind for the vehicle owner.

  1. Theft prevention

Bike insurance can offer coverage against theft but not always prevention of theft. However, bike anti-theft devices and insurance can be quite discouraging for thieves since the chances of a vehicle being spotted are high. Hence, it adds another layer of protection for your bike.

  1. Financial safety

A bike insurance policy compensates you with IDV (Insured Declared Value) when your bike gets stolen. IDV may not be equal to the purchase value of your vehicle (until you have the Return to Invoice add-on), and thus, you suffer financial loss. So, it is best to install ATD and prevent theft.

  1. Premium discount

Two-wheeler insurance with anti-theft features allows you to enjoy up to 2.5% of bike insurance premium reduction. Hence, ATDs offer dual benefits: protection for the vehicle and a discount on premiums.


Insurance companies like Kotak general insurance encourage people to install anti-theft devices so that the chances of losing their vehicle due to theft become nominal. We understand that your vehicle is much more than just a hefty possession, and so, along with ATD, our comprehensive motor insurance plan ensures maximum protection of your vehicle.



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