All you need to know about Bike anatomy


21 Jul 2023

All about Bike Parts.

One of the cheapest and most practical forms of transportation in India is the two-wheeler category. If you enjoy riding bikes, you should have proper knowledge about the bike parts of your all-season traveling companion, along with comprehensive bike insurance. There are so many essential parts that are found in every two-wheeler; however, they are not well known by many people.

For your next journey to be completely hassle-free, we've listed and detailed some essential bike spare parts. Another asset to a stress-free journey is having dependable bike insurance claims coverage.

Understanding Key Bike Parts & Components

• Clutch & Gear

The clutch and gears of a motorbike, like other mechanical parts, require routine maintenance. The clutch is often found on the left side of the handlebar, whereas the gears are typically displayed as a lever the rider may press with his or her left leg.

• Brake cables

The brake pedal or handle is connected by brake wires to the wheel-mounted braking mechanism. These wires' significance is clear since they let you halt when you need to. You can also look for two-wheeler insurance to save yourself from financial hazards.

• Accelerator

In addition to brakes, bikes also include an accelerator. It is located on the right side of every two-handlebar wheeler in the form of a throttle. The vehicle's speed may be increased while riding by depressing the accelerator.

• Battery

The self-starter system, horns, and lights of the bike must all function properly with the help of the batteries. Because batteries degrade over time from use, they must be checked frequently and changed as necessary. You'll need to kick start it constantly, the horn will sound extremely feeble, and the bulbs won't light up well if the battery isn't functioning correctly.

• Exhaust pipe

Two-wheeler exhaust pipes serve as a funnel, directing high-pressure exhaust gasses and discharging them into the atmosphere. Riding a two-wheeler with a blocked exhaust pipe is quite risky. In the worst situation, this might result in an accumulation of dangerous gasses inside the gas chamber and an explosion.

• Puncture Kit

On Indian highways, punctures are an inescapable fact for bike riders. A modest tire puncture repair kit should be purchased and carried at all times. It will let you handle any punctures on your own.

• Headlamp and turn indicator bulbs

From a safety standpoint, your bike's headlight and turn indicator bulbs are also essential. Bulbs can deteriorate and fail, much like many other bike parts. Therefore, replace bulbs anytime they become dim or break.

• Engine oil and brake fluid

The two most crucial liquid consumables used by your bike are engine oil and brake fluid. Although you are required to replenish them during routine maintenance, it is recommended to have them checked routinely by the mechanic.

Every owner has to obtain bike insurance online or offline, whichever is easy, even though it's not a mechanical component. To protect yourself and your motorcycle in the event of an accident or other misfortune, you must have comprehensive bike insurance.

Complete or comprehensive bike insurance coverage will keep your vehicle financially protected against calamities; therefore, you should get one. Additionally, you should check for the bike insurance online renewal and ensure that it is not outdated before embarking on a bike trip.

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