All you need to know about bike accidents in India and insurance claims


21 Jul 2023

Bike accidents in India and insurance claims process

India has a high rate of traffic collisions, particularly those involving two-wheelers. Many factors, including bad road conditions, reckless driving, and non-compliance with traffic laws, have made India the nation with the highest annual number of road accidents.

Unfortunately, bikers are more frequently involved in accidents. Almost every day throughout our journeys, we notice bikers trying to squeeze between gaps, passing from the left, and riding with poor lane discipline. In 2020, there were as many as 1,58,964 road incidents, which resulted in 56,873 fatalities of bikers. According to the statistics, 56,736 people were killed in road accidents in India involving two-wheelers in 2019, while the total number of bike accidents in India stood at 167184.

The government has taken certain actions to make bike riding safer in light of the seriousness of the problem. Starting April 1, 2018, all motorbikes with a displacement of more than 125cc are required to have anti-lock braking systems. To make it simpler to see motorcyclists at night or in inclement weather, the government has also mandated that all new motorcycles have their headlights on always.

Safety measures and bike insurance in India as a defense against bike accidents

The majority of bike accidents frequently result in substantial financial damages for the parties involved. Every person who owns a bike must, therefore, get bike insurance online or offline.

There are two different types of bike insurance coverage available:

• Third-party insurance - In India, a minimum standard of insurance coverage is mandated by law. You are shielded from responsibility by a third-party bike insurance coverage if you cause harm to another person's property or vehicle, injure them, or kill them. Your personal vehicle will not be covered for any damages under this type of insurance coverage.

• Comprehensive bike insurance - This insurance plan includes coverage for damages to your own car in addition to all the third-party plan's coverage advantages. If your bike is stolen or suffers natural catastrophe damage, comprehensive bike insurance can be of real help.

Types of bike insurance claims

The two types of bike insurance claims are listed below:

• Cashless claim - You may get the bike fixed at the network garage of the insurance provider if there is a bike accident and require a qualified repair shop. A network garage is one connected to an insurer. The insurance company will pay the network garage's repair charge directly without you having to pay anything from your pocket.

• Reimbursement claims - If your bike has been damaged, you may have it fixed at the garage of your choice, and the expenses of the repairs will be covered later on when you claim. To begin the refund procedure, you must send the original repair bill, payment receipt, your ID, and other essential documents.

Necessary documents to make a bike accident claim

The necessary list of insurance claim documents in case you are involved in bike accidents in India is enlisted below.

• Driving Licence

• Identity documentation for the policyholder

• Copy of the insurance policy certificate

• Registration Certificate (RC) of the insured bike

• If filed, a first information report (FIR)

• Police report in cases such as theft

• Any additional records that the insurer requests

What to consider while submitting a claim?

You can register a claim more easily by adhering to the instructions provided here:

• Inform the police and your insurance provider about the incident as soon as you can.

• Gather as much information as you can to support your assertion.

• Make sure you have every document required for a successful claim registration.


Unfortunately, there are several bike accidents in India every year. For the individuals we share the road with, we are all equally accountable. It is particularly crucial that you have reliable bike insurance online if you ride a bike.

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