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08 Jun 2023

Streamline Your Car Insurance Renewal Process with Online Convenience

Car insurance is a legal compulsion in India. However, there are still 57% of vehicles in India are uninsured, as per the report from Insurance Information Bureau in 2020. One of the main reasons could be a need for more awareness and missing out on annual renewal. Many people would buy car insurance at the time of purchase and forget to renew it after a year. Considering this, the regulator Insurance Regulator and the Development of India (IRDAI) have introduced the concept of long-term car insurance.

Long-term car insurance allows you to avail of coverage for up to three years by paying the premium on the first go. Initially, it was mandatory for all new vehicles to purchase long-term car insurance (bundled product), which was later changed. From August 2020, it is only compulsory for new cars to purchase long-term third-party insurance coverage, and the own-damage cover can be bought for a year, depending on your requirement. If you choose to go with a yearly renewal of your own damage cover, the no-claim bonus benefit will accrue annually. If you decide to go with a long-term bundled cover, no claim bonus accrued over the three years can be utilised at the time of the next car insurance policy renewal.

Benefits of a long-term car insurance policy

Before we look at the renewal process, let us look at the benefits of a long-term car insurance policy

  1. Reduces premium outgo:
    When you buy long-term car insurance coverage, you must pay the premium for three years. Hence, there are higher chances of getting discounted rates. Along with that annual hike in third-party liability coverage is also saved, which reduces the overall outgo of premium.

  2. Hassle-free:
    The significant benefit of long-term car insurance is that it eliminates the hassles of renewing the policy annually. You can do a car insurance renewal online once in three years.

  3. Protection from rate hike:
    IRDAI reviews and changes the third-party liability insurance premium rates yearly. Purchasing a long-term cover gives you protection against that price changes.

Long-term car insurance renewal process

The car insurance renewal process for long-term insurance is quite simple. You need to follow the simple procedure mentioned below for long-term car insurance renewal online:

  • Log on to Kotak General Insurance website for car insurance renewal

  • Click on “renew now”

  • Fill in the relevant details on the page

  • Make the premium payment.

That’s it! Your car insurance renewal is done, and your policy document will be emailed to the registered email id.

You can also visit the insurance company’s branch office to renew your car insurance policy. In case you forget to renew the policy before it lapses, you need to vehicle inspection needs to be carried out by the insurance. Hence, ensure to renew your car insurance policy on time.


Though the car insurance renewal process for long-term insurance is simple, ensure thorough research before you renew. Compare the insurance policies available at the time of renewal, and compare them based on benefits and cost to make the right and suitable choice.

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