All about the importance of road safety awareness


07 Aug 2023

The statistics for road accidents do not look too promising for India. Over the past few years, the number of crashes and fatal incidents has increased significantly.

For the year 2020, India recorded 37.5 deaths per 100 accidents. But the number grew to 38.6 deaths per 100 accidents in 2021. Unfortunately, India leads all the countries in the most significant number of fatal accidents. This makes for a stronger case for road safety awareness.

Meaning of road safety 

Road safety teaches people how to conduct themselves while driving or crossing roads. Road safety measures are aimed at reducing the risks of people getting involved in accidents in the first place. Following these measures, the chances of accidents, injuries and damage to property are vastly reduced.

Importance of road safety 

There is a constant uptick in the number of vehicles on the road. If you feel that the traffic conditions are bad right now, they will only worsen in the upcoming years unless people follow road safety measures and traffic rpes to make life easier for everyone. 

There are a few factors that lead to such accidents in the country. Some of them are unsafe driving, disregard for traffic rules and regulations, users refraining from using helmets and seat belts and so on. 

The government of India follows road safety week between the 11th to 17th of January. Road safety awareness week aims at improving road safety awareness across the country with the help of a few methods.

 Key objectives of road safety week 

  • It is essential to drive at slower speeds. Research shows that for an increase of 1% in speed, the chances of accidents increase by 4%.

  • One must altogether avoid the usage of phones or other gadgets for any sort of activities that can be distracting. It is hazardous as it reduces the reaction time, making it difficult to react to changes.

  • Using a good helmet while riding a bike is critical, irrespective of whether you are riding or being a pillion rider. The presence of a helmet can reduce the risk of severe accidents and death by a considerable margin.

  • Despite the advent of several safety measures on cars, seatbelts remain one of the most effective ones. One must habitually wear a seatbelt, even while sitting in the rear seat, as it reduces the chances of grievous injuries.

  • If you have children, ensure they always sit in the rear seats, not the front. In the event of an accident, it can save them from serious injuries.

  • Whether you are driving a car or riding a bike, ensure that the music levels are within an acceptable range so that you can hear your surroundings.

  • Most importantly, avoid driving under any influence, such as alcohol or other intoxicating substances. 







Road safety awareness can vastly reduce the chances of incidents on the road, making it a safe place for other users.

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