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03 Aug 2023

Read and get a comprehensive policy to profit when a scooty insurance online or offline claim is settled.

A scooter or scooty is a decent alternative to a bike when it comes to navigating the winding streets of cities, towns, and villages. For city commuting, scooty is a popular two-wheeler frequently chosen over bikes and cars. They are not only easier on your pocket and have superior fuel efficiency, but they can also be readily moved around in congested traffic. Each route, however, has its own unpredictable hazards, including the constant potential of traffic accidents and unanticipated losses like theft or fires. The use of two-wheeler insurance might help you avoid exorbitant repair expenses.

Although many policyholders may just insure their car with third-party liability protection to stay on the right side of the law, it is advised to get a comprehensive policy to profit when a scooty insurance online or offline claim is settled.

Types of two-wheeler insurance claims

Two-wheeler insurance covers two different kinds of claims:

1. Cashless Claims - You are not obligated to pay the complete repair cost out of your own pocket if you file a cashless claim under your two-wheeler insurance policy. You simply have to pay the deductible; the insurance provider will cover all other costs.

2. Reimbursement Claims - You will be responsible for covering the whole cost of repairs, deductible included if you file a reimbursement claim. The insurance provider will compensate you for the repair costs when you submit a claim later.

Scooty Insurance Claim Procedure

• Initiation of the Claim -

The type of damage determines what happens first in the claim initiation process. The initial action in cases of accidents must be to file an FIR, which alerts the relevant police authorities to the incident. The next step will be to inform the insurance provider of the damage.

• Damage assessment -

Your scooter's loss or damage will be evaluated by a surveyor that the insurance provider will provide. The surveyor could come to the scene of the accident or might text you a link to do a self-inspection.

• Towing and Repairs -

Claims may only be lodged at network garages that are associated with service stations with the insurance carrier for them to be cashless. Repairs for reimbursement claims may be done at any service center and then reimbursed by the insurance provider.

• Claim Settlement -

In the instance of a cashless claim, the insurer will immediately send money to the account of the garage owner. If you choose a reimbursement claim, you must first pay out of pocket. The insurance will later refund that sum upon consideration of any deductibles.

Documents Required for Two-Wheeler Insurance Claim Settlement

When filing a two-wheeler insurance claim, you must provide the following documentation:

• Insurance policy paperwork

• FIR in the event of fatal accidents/injuries

• Original invoices and/or repair bills for reimbursement claims

• Claim Form

• Pollution Under Control certificate (PUC)

• RC of the two-wheeler

• Driving License

• A copy of your PAN card if your claim is for more thanRs.100,000.

The process of settling your scooter insurance, including lightweight scooters, might be simple if you follow these procedures. Therefore, you should first thoroughly research the essential paperwork and other requirements before submitting a claim, including specific situations such as claiming for minor scratches for bike insurance. You can also check for Scooty Insurance Online at the time of your insurance renewal.

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