All about own damage car insurance: Benefits, inclusions & exclusions


16 Aug 2023

Unveiling the Coverage: What Own Damage Car Insurance Offers

Understanding own-damage car insurance

Own damage car insurance, also known as comprehensive car insurance, goes beyond the mandatory third-party liability coverage. While third-party cover the damages you might cause to someone else's property or vehicle, own damage insurance covers the costs of repairing or replacing your vehicle due to various risks, including accidents, theft, natural disasters and more.

Benefits of own damage insurance for cars

Some benefits of own damage car insurance are mentioned below:

  • Coverage against accidents

Own damage insurance provides financial protection in case of accidents. Whether it's a collision with another vehicle or a single-car accident, your insurance will cover the repair costs.

  • Protection from natural calamities

With Own Damage Insurance, you're covered against such unforeseen events. Natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and storms can cause significant damage to your vehicle.

  • Theft and vandalism

If your car is stolen or vandalized, the expenses related to replacing stolen parts or repairing damages are covered by this insurance.

  • Personal accident cover

A personal accident covers the policyholder by providing compensation in case of accidental injury or death.

  • No claim bonus (NCB)

For every claim-free year, you earn a no-claim bonus that leads to a premium reduction during policy renewal.

  • Add-on cover

Own damage insurance allows you to enhance your coverage with add-ons like zero depreciation cover, engine protection, roadside assistance and consumables cover.

Inclusions in own damage car insurance

  • Covers repair expenses for damages caused due to collisions or accidents.

  • Covers damages caused by fire or explosion.

  • Protection against damages due to earthquakes, floods, storms, etc.

  • Compensates for the loss if your car is stolen and not recovered.

  • Pays for repairs in case of intentional damage to your vehicle.

  • If your car causes damage to a third party's property or vehicle, it's covered under your own damage insurance.

Exclusions in own damage car insurance

  • Normal wear and tear, ageing or mechanical breakdowns aren't covered.

  • Any loss arising due to a previous event or condition is excluded.

  • Damages that occur while the car is being used for illegal activities are not covered.

  • Damages incurred while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are typically not covered.

  • Accidents resulting from reckless or unauthorized driving are excluded.

  • Damages arising from nuclear events or radiation are usually excluded.

  • Damages due to war, acts of terrorism or civil unrest might not be covered.

  • If the vehicle is used for commercial purposes, certain damages might not be covered.


Investing in your own damaged car insurance is a prudent decision for every car owner. Understanding the benefits, inclusions and exclusions of this insurance, can help you to make an informed choice that suits your needs and ensures your beloved vehicle's protection. Remember to read the policy document carefully on kotak general insurance and choose a comprehensive insurance plan that aligns with your requirements and budget. With your own damage insurance by your side, you can drive with confidence, knowing that you're prepared for whatever challenges the road might throw your way.

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