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04 Aug 2023

Read All about Kotak motor car insurance add-ons. For more information, check out the motor vehicle insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Today, when the Indian automobile industry seems to be booming, with fancier cars making an entry every few months, car insurance is not just a way to cover financial losses. The right coverage can help you enjoy your car all the more. Considering the advancing needs of car enthusiasts, Kotak motor Insurance offers its customers a list of car insurance add-on covers.

Take a look at all the Kotak car insurance add-on options, understand what they offer and then choose the one which suits your needs the most.

1. Zero depreciation cover

With a zero-depreciation cover, no factoring of depreciation value is carried out when you raise a claim. It helps you get the most out of the claim amount.

Who should go for this add-on:

People who own luxury vehicles or new car owners may go for a zero-depreciation cover. Mostly, this car insurance add-on is available only for vehicles less than 5 years old.

2. Roadside assistance cover

God forbid if your vehicle faces technical problems while on the go and in the middle of nowhere, what would you do? In such a time, if you have roadside assistance add-on cover along with your Kotak car insurance, with just a phone call, help will immediately come there to assist you.

Who should go for this add-on:

Anyone can go for a roadside assistance cover. It is especially beneficial for elderly drivers or for frequent long-distance travellers.

3. Consumables cover

Coolants, nuts and bolts, grease, ball bearings, etc., are some of the parts of a vehicle that are more prone to general wear and tear and repairing or replacing them can be costly. However, with a consumables add-on cover, your insurance company will take care of the expenses.

Who should go for this add-on:

With a slightly higher premium, anyone can purchase a consumables add-on cover with Kotak car insurance, as it helps in saving recurring expenses on consumables.

4. Engine cover

An engine car insurance add on the cover can be purchased with comprehensive motor insurance. It covers the cost of repairing the engine due to specified reasons like lubricant leakage, malfunction, etc.

Who should go for this add-on:

People with luxury cars or those who live in low-lying/ flood-prone areas where engines are more prone to damage may go for an engine add-on cover.

5. Return to invoice cover

If the insured motor vehicle suffers total loss or gets stolen, the vehicle owner receives compensation. With a return to invoice cover added to the Kotak motor insurance, the owner is eligible to receive compensation that equals the actual invoice of the vehicle and not the IDV

Who should go for this add-on:

Anyone may go for a return to invoice cover. However, you must keep in mind that it can only be purchased for cars that are less than 3 years old.


Do not limit the care to your car and go beyond comprehensive car insurance. Add-on covers widen the coverage of your car insurance at slightly higher yet affordable premium rates. However, to avoid over-insuring, make sure you only pick and pay for what your vehicle really needs.

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