All about endorsements in a bike insurance policy


04 Aug 2023

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Your bike's insurance policy is one of the integral pieces of documentation necessary for your bike's safety on the road. However, the bike insurance policy might have incorrect information or details that need to be changed. You can do so by applying for an endorsement process for your two-wheeler.

What is an endorsement?

The endorsement process is the mechanism through which you are given the option to make adjustments to your two-wheeler insurance policy. It can also be the alterations you wish to make to your personal or vehicle information or the extent of coverage available. Therefore, you endorse your policy to rectify mistakes or errors that could be found in the bike insurance policy document.

Different forms of bike insurance endorsement

There are various forms of endorsement: addition, transfer, and rectification.

A policyholder can alter or make rectifications of the information in the document.

• Rectification or alteration of the owner's name, address, contact number, or email address.
• Correction in the number of the engine or the year of manufacture of the vehicle
• Editing or altering the registration number of the two-wheeler
• Editing or changing the model of the vehicle
• Rectification of the engine cubic capacity of the vehicle
• Correction of the premium amount, Insured Declared Value (IDV), No Claim Bonus (NCB) details of the basic coverage insurance policy.

A policyholder can also add or increase some information in their bike insurance documentation.

• Addition or increase in the voluntary deductible, add-on covers to the policy
• Transfer of the ownership of the vehicle
• Inclusion, rectification as well as alterations of the nominee details of the owner
• Inclusion of anti-theft devices or some other electrical addition

Validity of an endorsement insurance:

The validity of endorsement insurance is the same as that of the policy period of your vehicle. However, it largely depends on the type of policy and the terms and conditions of the bike insurance policy you have purchased. The bike insurance endorsement that is approved is valid till the policy expiry date or till you request a new endorsement and it gets approved.

Steps to be followed for the bike insurance endorsement process:

The steps are not at all complicated and can be performed easily.

• As the first step, you must contact your insurance company and know the method in detail. 
• Share with it all the details regarding your policy and documents to support the authenticity of insurance policy changes. In case of doubt, contact your insurance provider.
• For the shift to biofuel, you must submit the two-wheeler's Registration Certificate (RC) Photocopy.
• A photocopy of the vehicle’s original purchase invoice and that RC is needed for the cover change.
• For Nominee modification, there is no need for documents.
• As this gets submitted, the endorsement insurance process will initiate.
• In case of approval, you will receive the endorsement cervical as the document recording the demanded changes.
• You will receive your policy document with the alterations soon.


While there are no restrictions to the number of times you can apply for an endorsement, it is advisable to restrict it to once or twice a year to avoid confusion in the recording. Remember, endorsement can increase or decrease your insurance premium. However, it is necessary to ensure all details are correct in the policy documents.

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