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Claiming for minor scratches for bike insurance

When you purchase a new bike, you always want it to be the way it is – clean, dent-free & shiny for years. This, too, depends on the usage of the vehicle. So, whether you ride a bike for daily commuting or use it occasionally, it may be exposed to scratches at some point in usage.

You may be extra cautious to keep your property free from dents to ensure maximum longevity and performance. But then, one cannot control such incidents as these are inevitable. To some bike owners, it can be worrying & therefore, they may be compelled to claim even if they notice minor scratches on their bike.

In such circumstances, having a two-wheeler insurance in India can be extremely helpful as you get essential financial assistance. Now here, the question arises whether policyholders should claim if there are small dents or scratches on the bike? Let’s get to know more about this:

Does bike insurance cover claims for minor scratches?

Yes. As a bike insurance owner, you can ask the insurance company for the claim.

One can ask for compensation from the insurer if you own a third-party bike insurance cover as this type of policy only offers financial & legal assistance against third-party loss. So, if a third-party property faces any kind of small damage, then you can claim it.

This is only possible when you possess a comprehensive bike insurance policy in India. This type of policy offers cover against everything. It covers damages caused to your bike, your bodily injuries, as well as third-party liability. Hence, if you are looking to claim anything minor, it gets covered under the policy.

Is it right to claim for minor scratches?

It is said that if you claim for scratches on the bike, it increases the insurance rate. Therefore, one must avoid claiming for minor damages when those can be covered by spending your savings. The major reasons are as follows:

No Claim Bonus (NCB):

The NCB benefit is offered to you at the time of the bike insurance policy renewal, and this lets you avail discount on the policy premiums. The insured is entitled for a No Claim Bonus (NCB) on the Own Damage section of the policy

So, if you are claiming for minor damages, you may lose the premium discount. Thus, leading to financial loss. You will realize that instead, you could have used a claim for some major mishap.

You can refer to the table below to know how much bonus or discount you can avail through NCB if you do not raise a bike insurance claim during the policy period.

Number of claim free years Percentage of NCB discount
The preceding year 20%
Preceding Two consecutive years 25%
Preceding Three consecutive years 35%
Preceding Four consecutive years 45%
Preceding Five consecutive years 50%

Lower Premiums:

In case you do not raise a claim for small damages, you will continue paying a lower premium. But when you raise a request for any damages, the bike insurance premiums ultimately increase.

When to raise a claim for bike insurance?

You are allowed to claim for every damage as and when the need arises, and there is no limit on the number of two-wheeler insurance claims. But you should most likely avoid raising a claim for small damages to save your NCB benefit and ensure lower premiums. In such cases, you can spend for the minor repairs from your pocket.

The Bottom Line:

When it comes to claiming bike insurance, you can do it for small or big issues. You can place multiple requests. However, one should evaluate it carefully before claiming it. This reduces the premium discount benefit. It is advisable to raise an insurance claim only when it is a major incident.

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Disclaimer: The content provided is for education and informational purpose only, none of the information contained in our blog amounts to any form of opinion or advice. Please go through policy related documents carefully or consult an expert before making any insurance-related decisions.


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