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04 Aug 2023

Read about steps to change address in bike insurance policy online. For more information, check out the bike insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

In addition to your personal information, a bike insurance policy includes some crucial information about your vehicle. One of them is your home address. It is crucial that you update your insurance documentation if your address changes for any reason. There are certain steps to the procedure, and in some circumstances, you must also make some expenditures to keep the insurance intact & updated. Let's understand.

How to change address in bike insurance policy online?

Today, no papers or documentation are required to be filled out to update the address on your bike insurance policy. Using the insurance provider's website will allow you to make the modifications while relaxing in your home.

To update the address on your bike insurance paperwork, simply follow these steps:

• First and foremost, you must submit an application to modify the address data on your motor vehicle's Registration Certificate (RC). You must fill out form-33 and submit it along with the required fee amount (if applicable).

• To finish the process of changing your address on your bike insurance paperwork, send form-33 together with verification of your new address. You must also provide a copy of the RC (registration certificate) book.

That's all on how to change address in bike insurance policy online. Now let us discuss what effect it has on insurance premiums and factors to keep in mind while changing the address.

How does a change of address affect your bike insurance premium?

Your premium for bike insurance is determined by a number of variables. The premium is heavily influenced by elements including age, market value, engine size, and location of the car. The city or Regional Transport Office (RTO) where your bike is registered is a crucial location consideration. Several cities are regarded as high-risk because of greater rates of bike theft and accidents, more traffic, higher vehicle densities, and/or higher population densities than other cities.

Your premium will rise if you are relocating from a low-risk city where your bike is registered to one that is regarded to be high-risk. Alternatively, if you relocate from a high-risk to a low-risk city, your premium may go down. You must register your bike with the neighborhood RTO if you have relocated to a different state in India. The bike's registration number also changes with the new registration.

Factors to consider when making changes to a bike insurance policy

Errors or updated information about you or your bike may cause changes to the information in your bike insurance policy. The following pointers should be considered while making changes to a bike insurance plan’s specific.

• Ensure that there are no spelling errors.

• Provide accurate information.

• Verify that the revised policy certificate has the whole set of information.

• Do not forget to obtain the most recent policy certificate.

• Make the changes right away.

Why is it critical to update the changes?

There are several very valid reasons why you should update the information on your bike insurance documentation as soon as your address changes. These are:

• Legal requirements -
Your accurate personal information must be included on the insurance paperwork following legal requirements. Hence, as soon as it's necessary, modify the address.

• Serves as address proof -
Your policy paperwork could be used as address verification. Thus, have it updated and make good use of the papers rather than preserving the old location where you no longer reside.

• Needed for claim settlement -
Lastly, if the information on your insurance paperwork is valid, your claim will be processed smoothly. Your claim can be delayed if there is an error in your address.


Update your personal information on your insurance policy as soon as possible. It is an easy technique with lots of advantages. In order to constantly have hassle-free insurance, keep your coverage up to date and renew your bike insurance policy in time.

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