All about cashless bike insurance policy


04 Aug 2023

Read about All about cashless bike insurance policy. For more information, check out the bike insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

A two-wheeler is one of the most comfortable options for running errands. Not just this, even for solo trips to hill stations or for daily commutes to the office, a bike/scooter helps you beat the traffic and make the most of the serene surroundings. However, arranging safety for your bike is essential to enjoying your bike rides. Purchasing the right bike insurance plan with the best features is as crucial as getting the safety riding gear. Cashless repair services are one feature you would never want to miss in your bike insurance. Let's dig deep into cashless bike insurance to learn all about it.

How does cashless bike insurance work?

The working of cashless bike insurance is seamless and direct. Once you take your bike for repair at any of the 3000-plus Kotak network garages, a surveyor from the company inspects your vehicle. The repairs are carried out. All admissible bills are sent directly to Kotak, and the company directly pays bills to the network garage without your interference. You may pay for those charges not included in the policy wording.

Benefits of cashless bike insurance

Wondering what benefits, you get to enjoy with cashless bike insurance? Check out the pointers below:

1) Relax while the company pays

You do not have to arrange funds even if the repair cost is hefty. The garage will repair your bike and send the bills to your insurer. Here, your insurance provider will take care of the admissible payment without you having to do any running around.

2) Be at peace

Having a financial backup for expensive bike repair services provides you with mental peace. You can focus on repairing the bike appropriately without worrying about the payment.

3) Save for emergencies

Having funds available is essential. Emergencies are unseen, and you need to be prepared for them. So, with cashless bike insurance, you can have your funds saved in your account for any other emergency while Kotak pays for you.

4) No paperwork

Cashless bike insurance requires the least paperwork. The garage immediately begins with repairing without lengthy procedures or formalities. Unlike the reimbursement claim procedure, there is hardly any paperwork that you need to submit.

5) Get the best service even when you are on the move

Getting coverage at a network garage is not limited to any one location. So, people across the country can avail of cashless benefits from various locations.

How to get cashless bike insurance at Kotak?

Purchasing bike insurance with Kotak is quite simple. The steps for online purchases are as follows:

• Visit the Kotak homepage and choose bike insurance
• Enter details to get a quote
• You can compare plans and choose your preferred one
• You may opt for any add-on that you need
• Fill in the application form and submit it along with the documents
• Pay the charges to purchase the plan

For offline purchases, you need to visit one of the Kotak branches.


Cashless bike insurance keeps your wallet off expensive repairs. You can quickly get the repair done and start riding your bike again without any further formalities. Kotak General Insurance makes the payment for all admissible charges.

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