A comprehensive guide for two wheeler brake maintenance


04 Aug 2023

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To delay the natural malfunctioning & make your two-wheeler work more efficiently, you need to resort to the optimum two-wheeler maintenance. Your bike's brakes are an essential component that must continue to work properly in order to keep you safe while driving. It is simpler to maintain motorcycles since their front and rear brakes operate separately, unlike those of cars.

Continue reading to discover how to care for your brakes so that you can always have a smooth ride. Also, do not forget to always have upgraded two-wheeler insurance to be safe from legal issues & financial burdens in case of accidents. Let's understand the brakes and their maintenance in detail.

• Disc brakes -

Motorcycles feature both front and rear disc brakes, and one benefit of a hydraulic disc brake system is that it is self-adjusting. You must examine the amount of braking fluid that is still in the brake fluid reservoir. This fluid reservoir is often located beneath the heel plate next to the rider's foot peg or close to the handlebar. Maintain the proper level of brake fluid at all times.

• Brakes and pads -

The brake pads need to be checked often. In case the brake pad becomes thinner than 3mm, replace it right away. To measure them precisely, use a vernier caliper or ruler. Moreover, it's time to change them if their narrowest point is about 2mm. Regular brake cleaning may also be a good idea. Use appropriate disc brake cleaner, not the normal cleaner, for better functioning. The disc brake rotor will suffer serious damage if the brake pads are utilized right up to the edge of the material, necessitating the replacement of the complete brake assembly.

• Drum brakes -

Nowadays, drum brakes are not seen on any modern bikes, but they were once common on several older models. It is crucial to get them serviced often and replace the brake lining in your old bikes to preserve the brake grip. After a while, the dust particles on the drum brakes start to accumulate. Your motorcycle's damages might be avoided by cleaning the same.

To ensure proper two-wheeler maintenance, consider the following points.

• Motorcycles experience significant wear and tear. As a result, it is advised to clean and lubricate the chain for a performance pack that will last for a long time.

• Use kerosene/diesel or laundry detergent to clean the chain.

• Get your two-wheeled vehicle serviced if you suspect a problem with the brakes on your motorcycle.

• Each time you get your bike serviced, ask that the mechanic inspect the brakes.

• The easiest way to protect yourself from accidents is with two-wheeler insurance. These days, you may get this two-wheeler insurance entirely online, skipping the lengthy and inconvenient offline process.

We hope that this knowledge will enable you to do simple brake maintenance tasks at home. The high number of charges we always spend in the name of repair can be reduced with a two-wheeler insurance plan & doing regular maintenance checks.

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