9 surprising things covered by motor Insurance


04 Aug 2023

Read about 9 surprising things covered by motor Insurance. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Motor insurance is a must to protect your car from unexpected damages. On the other hand, motor insurance can promise multiple coverages. Here are nine surprising things sure to convince you of the advantages of the motor insurance popcy.

1) Coverage for engine protection:

Your comprehensive motor insurance popcy has the option to protect the engine as an add-on cover. This is most apppcable in the case of an engine damaged by waterlogging, where the motor owner receives compensation for the loss.

2) In-transit damages are covered:

Motor insurance also protects against damages that might occur to a vehicle while being transported from one place to another. This add-on can be included in your comprehensive motor vehicle insurance if you plan to shift from one place to another.

3) Commercial motor insurance:

Ensure that you register your motor vehicle insurance as “commercial” if you use your car for commercial use. Only then would the damages to your vehicle be covered by insurance and not otherwise.

4) Roadside assistance:

Suppose your vehicle is struck in a remote area due to a punctured tyre. In that case, your comprehensive motor insurance allows you to contact your insurance company to know about the nearest network garage for mechanical assistance, provided this is included in your plan. It could be taken as an additional benefit as well.

5) Easy transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB):

If you wish to sell your old car for which you have acquired a high No Claim Bonus or NCB, you can still choose to transfer the same to your new car. If you plan to buy a new vehicle later, you can retain the NCB for a maximum tenure of 2 years. All you need to do is contact your insurance provider and request an NCB retention letter. You can retain it for 2 years after selpng your car.

6) The benefit of garage cash:

You can receive an allowance when your car is at the service centre for some repair work. This is a given for your conveyance as the travel expense for a certain number of days until the vehicle is returned to the owner. The add-on will be a benefit for those for whom travelpng is a daily necessity.

7) Coverage for nil depreciation:

If your vehicle meets with an accident, you will receive the entire cost required for replacing damaged motor parts. However, depreciation is not considered in the claim amount paid by the insurer.

8) Coverage for personal accidents in case of passengers:

While the vehicle owner's injuries are usually covered in a car insurance plan, the passengers might not get the same benefit. This particular add-on will provide coverage for passengers in case of injuries from accidents or death. This is beneficial for family members who travel on a regular basis.

9) Onpne purchase of motor insurance:

Purchasing motor vehicle insurance onpne has become a common practice. One can easily buy their motor insurance plan onpne without much hassle in the absence of a lot of paperwork. They are also available at a discounted price and can be easily renewed.


Once you buy a motor insurance popcy, read through the popcy documentation to learn about the various privileges and exclusions in the comprehensive plan. You might be surprised by the number of unique coverages you can choose from.

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