8 Insane Traffic Rules Around the World


06 Jun 2023

It is evident that traffic rules imposed by the government are important to follow. These rules or laws ensure that drivers, passengers, and passersby are safe and lead to the reduction of fatal accidents on roads.

You may be aware of most of the traffic rules in your city. But did you know that certain traffic laws around the world may sound absurd to you but are completely normal in different parts of the world?

Let us look at 8 of these weird traffic laws from different countries.

1. No dirty cars

Cleanliness is important in all aspects of life. Everyone likes to keep their cars clean. But did you know that having a dirty car can cause you to pay a hefty fine? Yes, this is the case in Russia. Driving a dirty car in Russia will cause drivers to pay a fine of 2,000 RUB.

2. No Drinking of Fluids or Eating while Driving

No driving while drinking is a common traffic rule in all countries. However, you cannot eat or drink anything while driving in Cyprus. While most of us are used to enjoying our drive-thru meals while driving, sneaking snacks or even sipping water can cause you to be slapped with an €85 fine in Cyprus.

3. No spitting from a car, but you can spit from a truck

Driver spitting from their vehicles is an awful sight. It can even disrupt passersby or drivers behind you. Therefore in Mariette, Georgia, you cannot spit from a moving car. However, the weird part is that the law has a loophole for overseeing the drivers spitting from a moving truck.

4. Headlight on, even during the day

Sweden’s traffic rules require drivers to always keep their headlights on while driving. It is even if they are driving during the day.

5. No dogs on the roof

Yes, this is an actual law in Alaska. Do you know anyone who likes to tie their dogs on their car roof? Well, as per Alaskan law, this is illegal.

6. No sitting with a drunk driver

Drunk driving is illegal in all countries. However, in Japan, even if you were completely sober but chose to sit with a drunk driver, you will be considered a legal offender and charged with a penalty.

7. No shooting animals from your car, except whales

Hunting itself might be considered illegal in many places. However, in Tennessee and California, you are not allowed to shoot any animal from a moving car. The weird exception is for whales. So yes, you can shoot whales while driving!

8. No unnecessary honking

If you are used to driving on Indian roads, chances are you habitually honk a lot. But this habit can cause you a $350 fine or even 90-day imprisonment in New York.

These traffic rules might be new to you. However, they have been a norm in many countries for several years. Did you find them interesting? Do you think any of these rules should also be applied in your place?

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