8 Bad driving habits that will damage your car


04 Aug 2023

Read about 8 Bad driving habits that will damage your car. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

For most families, a car is one of their most valuable possessions and one that's most heavily relied on. So, it becomes a must to maintain it well and ensure its longevity. Tire rotations, oil changes, and other regular maintenance activities may help you in keeping your vehicle in the best condition possible. However, your driving habits can also negatively affect the overall life of your car. We unknowingly make some driving mistakes that could cause vehicle damage.

Let's talk about 8 of such bad driving habits that will damage your vehicles that may disqualify you from a "No Claim Bonus" during your car insurance renewal.

1. Hard braking -

Rapidly pressing down on the brakes can cause wear and tear on the brake pads and rotor. Of course, sudden brakes are necessary at times, but you should try to avoid such situations and smoothly press on the brake pedals when required.

2. Ignoring regular maintenance -

Neglecting to have regular oil changes, tire rotations, and other routine maintenance activities can lead to damage and costly repairs in the future. Delaying your car's service is also quite risky and can even lead to minor accidents, ruining your chances of getting a No Claim Bonus during car insurance renewal.

3. Overloading the vehicle -

Carrying too much weight in the vehicle can strain the suspension and transmission. Moreover, an overloaded vehicle can also affect your fuel economy and may consume more fuel. It is best to lighten your vehicles and only carry the essentials.

4. Ignoring warning signs -

Ignoring warning lights, strange noises, and other signs of trouble can lead to more severe problems. Remember, this is the only way for your vehicle to tell you about a problem. Some people ignore such signs fearing high repair costs. Most car insurance covers such expenses, so don't sleep on it.

5. Driving on under-inflated tyres -

Under-inflated tires are extremely bad for your car's health. It can cause the tyres to wear unevenly and can even lead to a blowout. If your car often loses tyre pressure, then you may need to replace the tyres.

6. Riding the Brakes -

When going down a steep plain, you often tend to use brakes more. Some put the car on neutral and ride the brakes. Riding the brakes can also lead to overheating in the brakes. Instead of riding the brakes, put the car in the lower gears while going down a slope.

7. Ignoring the weather -

Driving in extreme heat or cold can cause damage to the engine and other components. Some cars aren't built for extreme temperatures. If you have to drive in extreme temperatures, buy vehicles that are built for those weather conditions.

8. Aggressive driving -

Rapidly shifting gears, tailgating, and making sudden lane changes can strain the transmission and suspension, increasing the likelihood of an accident.

That sums up the top 8 bad driving habits that may cause damage to your precious possession. By being cautious with your driving, you will also be able to avoid any unnecessary accidents that might disqualify you from getting a No Claim Bonus on the renewal of your car insurance.

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