7 things to keep in mind while relocating your vehicle


04 Aug 2023

Read about 7 things to keep in mind while relocating your vehicle. For more information, check out the bike & car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

The Indian Motor Vehicle Act (1988) varies depending on the state and region you are moving to. With these changes, the relocation of your motor vehicle sometimes becomes very challenging. Here, we will discuss some important things to remember while relocating your vehicle.

As the law varies from state to state, we have created an overview with seven pointers for you to understand the basics. However, the exact details for vehicle relocation vary depending on the RTO (Regional Transport Office) of one state to another.

• Duration of the stay

Suppose you are planning to shift to a certain state in India. In that case, you must obtain a No Objection Certification (NOC) from the RTO where your vehicle was registered and apply for a new registration from the RTO of the state you plan to shift to. However, if you plan to move for less than a year, you don’t have to complete any formal procedure.

• NOC from RTO

To obtain a NOC from the RTO in another state, you must submit the following documents -

• RTO form 27

• RTO form 28

• Valid insurance policy of the vehicle

• Valid Pollution Under Control Certification of the vehicle.

• Get NOC from the traffic police.

A No Objection Certificate from the traffic police is a must while relocating your vehicle from one state to another. This is because a NOC from the traffic police will be evidence that you do not have any pending challans to pay and have cleared the dues before relocating.

• NOC from the local police station

A NOC from the local police station is mandatory to ensure there are no open criminal cases involving your vehicles. This is also a safety measure to mitigate any illegal activities.

• Register your vehicle

Once you have received all your NOCs, now is the time to register your vehicle in the RTO of the new state. For example, you must register your vehicle under Mumbai RTO if you are moving to Mumbai from Kolkata.

• Cancellation of NOC

Canceling NOC might be necessary as there can be a change in the vehicle relocation plan. It is essential to cancel all the NOCs received from the RTO, traffic police, and the police station. Moreover, you must apply for a Non-Utilization Certificate (NUC) from relocating the state RTO to cancel the NOCs.

• Motor vehicle insurance policy

Inform your insurance provider about the relocation. This is because the vehicle relocation might affect the premiums of motor vehicle insurance. Also, while traveling, ensure you have a valid insurance policy for the vehicle. This is because driving without valid insurance is considered illegal as per the traffic rules.


During the vehicle relocation process, always check if your motor vehicle insurance is active. If it is about to expire, immediately get it renewed. This is because of two reasons - first, riding without insurance might lead to challans or imprisonment. Second, if the motor vehicle insurance expires along with its renewal window, you will have to purchase a new policy, and NCB will lapse, which is a time-consuming and costly process.

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