7 Safety advice for biking in the cold


04 Aug 2023

Read about 7 Safety advice for biking in the cold. For more information, check out the bike insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

It might be thrilling to ride a bike in the cold weather. This is because when the temperature cools, bike riders are encouraged to leave their boring routines behind and hit the road. Even while it could seem exhilarating to ride a bike in the cold, it can occasionally be dangerous. In these circumstances, having reliable bike insurance coverage is helpful, but submitting claims for small bike damage isn't always a smart idea. Moreover, it is always wise to check if you need the two-wheeler insurance renewal before hitting the road.

The good news is that if you take specific precautions, you can control these circumstances. Below are some guidelines for riding a bike in cold weather that you must go by to reduce the likelihood of an accident.

• Get your bike ready for tough situations.

The first thing you should do is routinely clean your bike parts and treat them with corrosion-inhibiting spray to guarantee that it functions correctly even in adverse weather conditions. The gear levers and the throttle cable, in particular, need to be tested for functionality as well as to see if they are adequately oiled and adjusted.

• Layer up with winter riding gear

You are completely exposed while riding a bike, and the brisk wind can rip through your clothing. Wearing many layers of clothes will help. Wearing a thick jacket with thermal pants and riding gloves will ensure that your arms, neck, and sleeves are entirely protected.

• Bring rain gear with you.

It is advisable that you bring rain gear with you to guarantee your maximum protection in the event of a chilly breeze and cold weather or if the weather worsens. Traveling with waterproof shoes and raincoats is recommended in such situations to avoid contracting the common cold or other health problems.

• Maintain adequate tyre inflation

When it becomes colder, pay close attention to the bike's tyres. There will be a few PSI losses from both of your bike's tires due to the air pressure dropping in cold weather. The comfort of the ride and mileage both increase with properly inflated tires.

• Check the bike's mechanics.

The bike's engine and other bike parts need to be maintained so that they are in good working condition. Before riding your bike outside, you must keep the engine running since, in the cold, it could take some time for the engine to start. This would undoubtedly prevent incidents that would force you to file a claim with your bike insurance.

• Make sure to bring your tools.

Before starting your highly awaited road trip, make a quick stop at the mechanic to make sure you have everything you need. Remember that every bike has unique requirements, including the need for a spare tube, brake cables, etc.

• Keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

In chilly weather, fog may make it difficult for you to see well on the road. Hence, you must be able to keep a safe distance from other vehicles to lower the likelihood of an accident.

Along with implementing the aforementioned rules, it's essential to make sure that you and your bike are protected by comprehensive two-wheeler insurance coverage. Make sure your bike insurance coverage is up to date as well, and you may check the status of your two-wheeler insurance renewal.

Not only will having bike insurance serve legal requirements, but it will also prevent you from laying your finances and health in danger.

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