7 important traffic rules to follow while driving in Delhi


04 Aug 2023

The 7 important traffic rules to follow while driving in Delhi to avoid hefty penalties. Know more about Kotak General Insurance's motor insurance policy.

With a population of over 1.9 crores, the capital city of India has one of the busiest roads in the country. So to avoid traffic congestion and ensure the safety of all, the Delhi Government has created several traffic rules and regulations. All motorists must abide by these road safety rules to avoid hefty penalties.

Here are some of the major traffic rules in Delhi.

Major traffic rules and violation in Delhi

1. Don’t drink and drive

All motorists should avoid drunk driving for their safety as well as those of others on the road. The permissible alcohol limit in Delhi is 30 mg per 100ml of blood. If the breadth analyzers detect higher than this amount, it will lead to a fine ofRs.10,000 and/or six months of imprisonment. If you repeat the offence a second time, the penalty increases toRs.15,000 and/or two years of imprisonment.

2. Keep license and PUC handy

You never know when you may be stopped by traffic officials. So always make sure to carry the necessary documents with you. These include your license, PUC certificate, and a valid third-party insurance policy. One may face hefty penalty or imprisonement for not carrying the important documents.

3. Wear seatbelts

Wearing the seatbelt is an essential precaution to save drivers from severe injuries during mishaps. Flouting this rule can cost youRs.1000 in fine.

4. Don't talk on the phone while driving

Talking on phone while driving is a violation of rule as mobile phones are major distractions that increase the chance of road accidents. One can use them only as a navigational tool. Violating this road safety rule can attract a penalty betweenRs.1000 toRs.5000.

5. Don’t jump red lights

Though dangerous, jumping a red light is a common offence in Delhi. Traffic personnel can fine you up toRs.5000 and seize your driving license if they catch you jumping a red light in Delhi.

6. Don't ride a 2-wheeler without helmet

A helmet is compulsory for rider as well as the pillion of two-wheelers in Delhi. The fine for violating this road safety rule can attract fine. Further, traffic authorities can also suspend your driving license for three months.

7. Other violations

Some other violation of traffic rules are which may attract fine are as below:

– Over speeding

– Not giving way to emergency vehicles

– Driving vehicle without permit

8. Mandatory third party vehicle insurance

As per Indian Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory to have at least a 3rd party car insurance for driving your vehicle on public roads. Follow traffic rules and avoid penalties

While following traffic rules keep you safe, they also help you avoid hefty penalties. Delhi boasts of one of the most expensive fines when it comes to RTO fines. Not only fines but violating rules also lead to rejection of claims in case of unforeseen events such as accidents. So, stay safe and drive responsibly.

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