6 Tips To Improve Your Bikes Battery Performance


03 Aug 2023

Read about 6 Tips to improve your bike battery performance. For more information, check out the bike insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Maintaining your bike's battery will help it perform smoothly since it is a crucial component of the electrical system that powers functions like charging, self-start, ignition, etc. The bike's battery is usually examined when it is being serviced. But you should regularly inspect the battery and perform several battery-related maintenance tasks to extend its life. Also, a weak battery can be a significant hurdle in the bike's optimal operations.

Continue reading to see how you might enhance your bike battery performance.

Tips to improve your bike battery performance

We have curated a list of ways to ensure your bike's battery remains in good condition and that you do not need a skilled mechanic. However, if you are not confident enough to do it yourself, you must avoid doing so.

• Check your wiring

Frequently inspect the battery wiring for the bike. In addition to problems with the bike's battery, faulty wiring can lead to unwanted issues. Torrential rain, windy riding conditions, rat assaults, etc., might bring battery-related wiring issues. Early detection of such abnormalities will aid in averting more severe problems.

• Always disconnect your battery.

Unplugging the battery while not in use when operating a two-wheeler is preferable. For example, people frequently avoid riding bikes while it's raining. Disconnecting the battery at these periods is essential to increase the bike battery performance and longevity.

• Charge your batteries efficiently.

In most cases, a battery doesn't need to be replaced directly; instead, it can be brought back to life by being charged. First, see whether your battery can still be charged. If it still won't work after charging, get a new battery. It is advisable to buy batteries from any reputable vendor as it comes with a usually one-year guarantee.

• Charge before your batteries die.

Never let the bike's battery run out before recharging it. The bike's battery performance will be worse and have a shorter lifespan if it is completely exhausted. Therefore, rapid and consistent charging is crucial.

• Do not over-decorate your bike.

The additional gadgets you add to your bike, like loud horns and neon lights, place a severe burden on the battery and may lead to frequent power outages. This causes the battery to deplete far sooner than it should. As a result, it is crucial first to check that the accessories you attach to your vehicle don't exceed the battery's stated limitations or place additional strain on it.

• Be quick to get your battery checked.

When it comes to fixing your bike's battery-related problems, do not delay. Get the bike's battery tested as soon as possible by a reputable repair if you suspect a problem with the battery when starting or riding the two-wheeler. This also can make bike battery performance effective for a longer period.


You must remember bike insurance doesn't cover your battery replacement cost. So, it is important to keep your bike's battery under check and give them servicing from time to time. However, bike insurance can help you get covered in case of serious accidents that might cause a financial burden and keep you safe from legal consequences.

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