6 things to check before welcoming a new car


06 Jul 2023

Before Welcoming Your New Car: 6 Key Factors to Verify for a Perfect Start

Driving your brand-new car out of the showroom is a proud moment filled with excitement. Buying a brand-new set of wheels is undoubtedly one of the critical milestones of your life. During this joyous moment, it is important to check certain things before you take delivery of your car from the dealer, as they may not take the onus for any damages noticed post-delivery. Here is a simple checklist for the pre-delivery inspection of your new car.

Six things to check before taking delivery of your new car

The following are the essential things to check before you drive home your new car out of the showroom:

  1. Inspect the car in daylight.

Welcoming your new car in the daytime is the best as you need to inspect the vehicle in daylight before taking the delivery. Be it the colour of the car, minor dents, or minor mechanical issues. You will notice these when you inspect the vehicle in daylight instead of a showroom light. It would be even better if a knowledgeable person accompanied you for the inspection. A professional by your side ensures no electrical problems in the car.

  1. Inspect the interiors.

It is crucial to do an interior or internal inspection of the vehicle. Having a checklist before you inspect would ease your job. Check if there are any scratches or marks inside. Carefully inspect the seatbelts, seat, dashboard, armrests, parcel trays, doors, and roof liners. It is vital to check the brakes, clutch, accelerator, steering wheel, gears, and odometer. Remember to check the electrical components like wipers, horns, lights, music system, AC, etc. careful and minute inspection of interiors is essential.

  1. Inspect the exteriors.

From manufacturer to showroom, your car goes through a transportation process which could sometimes cause minor damage to the car's exteriors. Hence, it is vital to examine the exteriors thoroughly. Check on the shades of the colour, marks, or dents on the exterior, the wheels, etc. Ensure everything is all right before you move out of the showroom.

  1. Examine the engine area.

The engine is an essential part of the car. When you have a knowledgeable person/known mechanic accompanying you, it is necessary to inspect the engine area. Ensure the area is clean and there is no abnormal noise. Check on the oil spill signs and storage, etc.

  1. Test drive

It is the primary thing in any pre-delivery inspection that you need to test drive your car before you drive it home from the showroom. It helps you understand the functioning of your new car and check if there are any vibrations or unusual noise. It is better to take the executive with you for the test drive as he can explain the vital features and usage of the same.

  1. Check the paperwork.

Last but not least is the documentation. Paperwork is an essential part of the pre-delivery inspection. Once the dealer gives you form 22, you can check all the necessary details of your car, such as engine number, year of manufacturing, chassis number, etc. Ensure to collect all the essential documents such as warranty cards, manuals, receipts, etc.

Remember to complete the documentation and relevant formalities to protect your car with a comprehensive car insurance policy. You can also opt for car insurance online as per your requirement. Ensure to read the terms and conditions of the car insurance before you sign the documents.

A detailed inspection ensures there are no loopholes. Checking the minute details helps you welcome your brand-new car with peace of mind!

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