6 Pre Monsoon Tips To Protect Your Car From Any Damages


02 Aug 2023

Here are the 6 Pre-Monsoon tips To protect your car from any damage. Check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance for more information.

In India, the monsoon is probably one of the most-awaited seasons of the year. The sweet scent of the soil (petrichor) after the first rain washes the ground fills everyone’s heart with joy. Besides, the rains are welcomed with wide open arms as it brings a massive relief from the sweltering heat that precedes the monsoon.

While monsoons let you breathe a sigh of relief from the heat, it also brings with it many challenges. The sudden rainfall may catch you off guard as you would have to prepare your car to get through the season. The pre-monsoon car maintenance not only helps you minimise the risk your car would face during the rains but also ensures that you have a hassle-free experience.

Let us look at six of the best pre-monsoon car maintenance tips:

1. The car interiors get affected the most during the monsoons. Entering the car with muddy and wet shoes can lead to high levels of moisture build up in the car, causing a foul smell. So, the best way to keep the water and the dirt away is to put a plastic wrap around the seat and the carpet so that the water and dirt sticks to it and you can easily dust it off after it dries off.

2. Make sure to get the car AC service before the monsoon. You may use it overtime to reduce the moisture and so you need to keep it in the best shape.

3. Check your braking system, lights (head light, tail light and fog light) and the wipers are functioning efficiently. While driving in the monsoon, the visibility may be low so ensure that all the lights are functioning properly. Similarly, the wet roads can have a significant impact on the car brakes. So, ensure that you get it checked to avoid the risk of failure.

4. You also need to keep the bonnet of the car clean. Leaves and dirt tend to get accumulated under the bonnet which in turn can block the water drainage gutters and further lead to rusting. Hence, it is necessary that the areas under the bonnet and the boot of the car is free from any kind of dust accumulation.

5. In order to protect the paint of your vehicle from rain and moisture side-effects, you can apply a paint protection film. This can be expensive option. As an alternative, you can opt for ceramic paint protection or use simple car wax or polish your car’s paint.

6. Lastly, check your car insurance. If it is up for renewal, get it renewed beforehand. The risk of car damage is higher in monsoon than in any other season. So, have a valid insurance in place so that you can get financial protection if anything unexpected happens.

Final Word

While you may enjoy the rains, you must take care of your car. For the best car insurance, you can consider buying a policy from Kotak General Insurance. You can visit kotakgeneral.com to buy the policy by yourself or get in touch with the customer service experts through online chat and the expert will help you get the best coverage to suit your specific needs.

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