6 Effective ways to protect yourself from bike theft


03 Aug 2023

Read about 6 Effective ways to protect yourself from bike theft. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

In India, the two-wheeler is a popular mode of transport, which many people use for commuting purposes to their workplace and others for traveling to school, college, and other daily chores. But what if your two-wheeler gets stolen? How do you protect your bike from thieves? When you buy a two-wheeler, such as a bike, it is your responsibility to take care of it. Hence, below are a few precautions to protect your bike.

1. Secure the steering lock of your bike

Having a good steering lock should be the first step you must follow. It will make it difficult to move the bike around without your presence. To ensure a more secure lock, it would be better if your bike's ignition and steering had different locks. In this case, the thief will need to break two locks simultaneously to steal your bike, making it difficult and time-consuming.

2. Lock your bike or two-wheeler to anything heavy

Only using a disc lock can be a convenience for thieves since your bike will be easy to lift and transport. Instead, you can try to chain your bike to something really heavy or strong if you think the vicinity is more prone to bike theft.

3. Keep the lock off the ground.

Leaving the lock on the ground will give the thief more power to break it. Hence, if the lock is off the ground, the thief will not have any extra power to break the lock. You can lock or chain your bike through the wheel or fork to make it more secure.

4. Use high-quality alarmed locks and chains.

Using high-quality locks and chains will reduce the risk of your bike being stolen. It is highly recommended to use U-locks made of hard steel, asymmetrical chains 5/8 inch or more, and alarmed disc locks.

5. Use several locks on your bike.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Using two or more different types of locks on your bike would be ideal for protecting it from getting stolen. You can add these locks on various parts of your bike to ensure security. The thief will unlikely be prepared to deal with various types of locks at the same time.

6. Get two-wheeler insurance

You must also consider purchasing two-wheeler insurance. Compared to a car, stealing a bike is easier. Hence, the risk of your bike being stolen increases. In this case, having insurance will save you from throwing money down the drain. The insurer will reimburse your bike's declared value if your bike gets stolen.


Apart from this, you need to keep in mind to keep your bike safe by locking it securely. Don't worry about the time between your rides. Instead, it would be better to spend extra time removing the extra locks on your bike instead of coordinating with the police after your bike gets stolen. Take smart safety measures in advance, and don't forget to have two-wheeler insurance.

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