6 CNG car safety measures for drivers


03 Aug 2023

Read about 6 CNG car safety measures for drivers. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Every automobile buyer in India places a high value on fuel efficiency due to the country's very price-sensitive automotive market. It is what sparked the development of CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) vehicles. CNG-powered cars are more expensive than petrol alternatives and emit far fewer emissions than equivalent petrol or diesel cars.

This article will provide you with all the details you need to know about CNG car maintenance if you own a CNG car and are seeking a CNG car safety and maintenance Handbook.

It is simple to cover your vehicle under the best car insurance policy, whether it is a patrol car or a CNG car. Car owners may select the best car insurance by comparing car insurance premiums.

Safety & maintenance for CNG cars

CNG cars may be inexpensive, but in order to ensure the safety of the vehicle, the owner must exercise some precautions while operating a CNG car. The key CNG car safety measures to follow when driving a CNG car are listed below:

• Unauthorized CNG kits must not be used.

Modern CNG cars come with factory-installed CNG kits, and it is always preferable to purchase a CNG vehicle with a CNG kit already in place. Nonetheless, most individuals attempt to convert their fuel vehicles to CNG vehicles and, in the process, install CNG kits through a local technician. In addition to messing up the car's mechanics, this might cause leaks that start fires. A car owner must thus refrain from installing an unauthorized CNG kit.

• Avoid using substandard car accessories.

In installing a CNG kit, avoid using inferior accessories. A high-quality cylinder and fuel lines that were constructed in accordance with industry requirements are a must. Moreover, confirm that the CNG kit you purchase is appropriate for your car. There are significant odds of a fire breaking out or damage to the car's components if the kit is either incompatible with the vehicle or of poor quality.

• Start on petrol, then drive on CNG.

It is usually recommended to start the CNG cars in petrol mode and drive it until the engine warms up. As long as there is enough lubrication before converting to CNG fuel, moving to CNG mode after the engine achieves its ideal operating temperature extends the engine's lifespan.

• Install spark plugs compatible with CNG.

Be careful to replace your spark plugs with CNG-compatible ones when installing a CNG kit. Reduce the space between the spark plug's metal tip and the spark source if you are unable to find spark plugs that are suitable with CNG.

• Get your CNG kit test certificate.

The CNG Cylinder test Certificate must be obtained from the authorized CNG Kit dealer once the CNG kit has been installed in your vehicle. The certificate is essential since it will serve as documentation that you installed a branded and certified CNG kit and cylinder in your car.

• Regular car servicing

Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the parts of a CNG vehicle in excellent condition. The car's electrical system is also crucial because outdated or rusted cables can result in short circuits and fires. Also, you should have an approved service center service the CNG kit at least once every five years.


Driving safely and following the necessary safeguards will ensure a smooth CNG car experience. To protect the security of the car or any other CNG vehicle, every owner must take the appropriate precautions. The CNG car insurance comparison must also be made in order to get the best insurance policy and ensure that any unexpected damage to the vehicle is covered.

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