6 checks before welcoming a new car


03 Aug 2023

Read about 6 checks before welcoming a new car. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

The very thought of taking the delivery of a new car can be quite exciting. Such can be the excitement levels that one might even end up forgetting some of the basic things. If it is on your agenda to welcome a new car to the home, here are some of the things that you must not forget. The first is a valid car insurance policy.

6 things to check before taking delivery of the car:

1. Inspect the exteriors of your car during the daytime:

It is highly recommended to take the delivery of your car during the day. Should there be any minor dent, bubble or scratch on the paint of the car, you can easily spot them. It is quite difficult to spot these under artificial light. Also, take someone else for a visual inspection of the car. You must even look for a mismatch of paint between different panels.

2. Ensure a quick test drive before taking delivery:

Though you will be taking the car back home, it is a good habit to go for a quick test drive in the new car. It will allow you to test the basic functionalities such as gear changes, indicators, parking sensors, air conditioning, music system, etc. If you do not know how to drive, do take a friend or relative who does.

3. Inspect the interiors of the car:

After you are done with the exterior inspection, it is time to jump into the car. Ask the sales representative for a demo of all the features and do a visual inspection of the interior. You must check for any stains, scratches, cracks in the glass area, etc.

4. Verify the documentation of the car:

Buying a new car comes with a host of documentation. Ensure that you collect Form 22, which contains details of the car such as engine number, chassis number, etc. Other documents include the manuals, sales certificate, contact details for service and sales, roadside assistance numbers, car insurance, receipts of accessories, etc. You can check the car insurance add on as well. Most of the new cars come with zero depreciation cover as a car insurance add on.

5. Fuel levels:

It is a general practice of car dealerships to provide you with a little bit of fuel to drive out of the showroom. Make sure that you check the fuel levels before taking it back home. If the fuel levels are too low, ensure that you refill them at the earliest.

6. Test the electrical and electronics:

New cars come loaded with tech features these days. It is a good idea to check most of them before you take delivery of the car. Ensure that the infotainment system is working and you are able to pair your phone. The digital instrument cluster is working, and so are the windows, folding mirrors, wipers, and so on.


Before taking the delivery of the car, ensure that you check the above points. And do not drive your car without car insurance or a road tax certificate.

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