6 Best tips to keep your bike engine secure


06 Jul 2023

Safeguard Your Bike Engine: 6 Essential Tips for Optimal Security

A secure bike engine helps you drive safely, mainly on those long journeys. Without a properly maintained engine - the heart of the bike, your bike will not operate well. Also, keeping your bike maintained in top-notch condition means increasing its longevity and eliminating any need to spend a fortune on repairs.

Let's discuss the top six effective tips to increase your bike’s efficiency and keep its engine up and running all the time.

  • Look for oil leaks

Look for any fluid puddles on the ground before starting your bike and again after you've put it away. Show your bike to a mechanic if you see fuel leaking, and have it fixed immediately.

  • Practice keeping your speed constant.

Undoubtedly, hitting the brakes suddenly or speeding up might seem exciting, but doing so increases the likelihood that you may skid and puts a greater strain on the engine. To accelerate gradually, match the needed gear with speed and slowly depress the brake pedal. It will improve fuel economy and maintain the engine's condition.

  • Avoid over-using reserve fuel.

If your motorcycle is out of petrol, replenish the tank right away. Petrol includes sediments, which accumulate at the bottom of the bike tank and create a layer over time. When your bike runs short on fuel, this dirt begins to go inside the engine, increasing the chances of engine breakdown.

  • Keep your air filters clean.

Your bike's air filters inevitably become clogged as the Indian roads are seldom without dust. Maintaining clean air filters is essential if you want to boost efficiency. Additionally, get them replaced at the suggested intervals to enjoy safe rides on a secure bike. Any obstructions that could have accumulated over time will be removed by routinely replacing your engine air filter. This will increase the engine's capacity to pull air, enabling it to operate more efficiently, reducing fuel consumption, and improving fuel economy.

  • Change your engine oil.

In addition to lubricating, engine oil also helps keep the engine cool. The heat generated during combustion can cause the engine parts to suffer severe wear and tear. Similar to how cleaning engine oil increases fuel efficiency. Internal corrosion results from an increase in oil acidity. All of these can significantly shorten an engine's lifespan. Carbon deposits can cause the oil to thicken, which slows the operation of the engine's internals. It's crucial to change engine oil according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Get insurance cover.

You should get your bike insurance as well as get it serviced annually. While a third-party and comprehensive bike policy is required by law, it is advised for your bike's overall protection. Buying bike insurance online can help you with several benefits, such as - comparing the premiums and the types of add-ons offered by several insurers.


A secure bike engine that has been adequately maintained may make the difference between a smooth and rough ride. With appropriate maintenance, you may easily avoid the exorbitant expense of an engine replacement or pricey repairs. This is because you may identify minor problems early on by doing periodic engine maintenance.

Also, do not forget to have a bike policy, as it will help you save a lot of trouble that may arise due to several uncertainties.

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