5 Safety tips while driving your personal car for a trip


03 Aug 2023

Read about 5 Safety tips while driving your personal car for a trip. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Over the last few years, the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has been doing an exemplary job of improving the highways in the country. As a car owner, it opens the possibility of going on several road trips. If you have been planning a road trip, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. For starters, it is important to have a car insurance policy.

Apart from carrying a valid car insurance policy, there are a few other safety measures that you must follow for your upcoming trip. These will ensure that you reach your destination without any hassles while having fun at the same time.

5 Tips to follow for your next road trip:

1. Maintain speed limit:

All the highways in the country have a speed limit. It is essential that you stick to these speed limits to minimise the possibility of any incident or fines. Highways usually go through several villages, rural areas, and even animal crossing paths.

On top of that, in India, traffic is not very regulated, and not many follow traffic rules. Should you drive within the speed limit, you will find it much easier to control the car and bring it to a halt if you see any sudden movement on the road. Also, a fair bit of these highways pass through cities that might have speed sensors and cameras.

2. Service your car:

Before you set out for a long road trip, make sure that your car is serviced. If you are close to a service interval, it might be a good idea to service your car before the trip. This will avoid any unwanted breakdowns. You can also take your car to the nearest garage and check all the fluid levels before a trip.

3. Car insurance policy:

Make sure that your car insurance renewal is done prior to the trip. Since you will be on the road for a while, it is crucial to have an active policy. The plan can come in quite useful if there is any sort of incident. Insurance providers have a long list of network garages where you can repair the car with cashless benefits. Ensuring car insurance renewal is complete, also protects you from a hefty penalty from the traffic police department.

4. Concentrate on the road:

The last thing that you would want to do on your trip is to drive with distractions. Highways can be quite ruthless to even the minutest lapse of concentration. Since all the vehicles move at high speed, a small drift to another lane while speaking on the phone or trying to change music can prove to be quite fatal.

5. Carry a first-aid kit:

Most cars come with a first aid kit. Ensure that the contents of the kit are replenished and are well within their expiry. In the event of any incident, the first aid kit can be more than useful.


The above tips will ensure that your next road trip is safe and within any hassles. Make sure that you carry all the documents of the vehicle, such as RC, car insurance, PUC certificate, and your driving licence.

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