5 Most versatile second hand Hyundai cars you can buyur dealer


03 Aug 2023

Read about 5 Most versatile second-hand Hyundai cars you can buyr. For more information, check out the car insurance policy from Kotak General Insurance.

Affordability is often one of the major considerations when it comes to purchasing a car. While for some, the newest model can be the craze, for others, it is simply about getting your hands on the most affordable car with the best of features. When juggling between features and the right deal, purchasing a second-hand car can turn out to be a great decision. Hyundai being one customer-oriented brand has been offering a lot of features in both new and second-hand models. Surf well to make an informed decision. Also, for overall protection, do not forget to get the right car insurance policy.

Hyundai Cars You Must Not Miss Out On:

● Hyundai Alcazar

A large family may look for a car that can accommodate a maximum number of people along with serving new car features. Well, if this is your requirement then you must not skip on Hyundai Alcazar, the ultimate 7-seater SUV model. Some of the striking features are-

● 2.0L petrol and 1.5L diesel engine

● The car has a panoramic sunroof, hill start assist control, speed alert system, etc.

● Gives a city mileage of 16 km pl

● The fuel tank capacity is 50L

● Automatic transmission type

● Hyundai Elantra

Comfort, elegance, and affordability are some of the features of the Hyundai Elantra. Being a 5-seater car, this sturdy model by Hyundai has a touch audio system installed. Other features are-

● Both automatic and manual transmission type

● Both petrol and diesel tanks installed

● The car has a fuel capacity of 50L

● With a sedan body, the car has 4 cylinders capacity engine

● Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai i10 has been in a craze ever since it was first launched by Hyundai. The compact and sturdy look has only advanced with new models of i10. It can be a one-stop deal for small families. The car has superb mileage and is quite strongly built. Features include-

● The car gives mileage of 20 km pl

● Manual transmission

● The fuel tank capacity is 35L

● The car has a petrol engine

● It has 4 cylinders

● Hyundai i20

Next in the segment is the i20 by Hyundai which looks beautiful when on road. Hyundai i20 is built by keeping comfort in mind for small families and so, it has been ruling the market for so long. Features include-

● Both manual and automatic transmission

● It has a 45 L fuel tank capacity

● The car gives a mileage of 22.5 km pl

● The engine has a horsepower of 1398 cc

● Hyundai Verna

When it comes to buying a sedan at Hyundai, Verna never stands out. With a classy look with all the new features, Hyundai Verna is a win-win deal. Let's have a look at the various features of the car-

● Gives a city mileage of 16 km pl

● The diesel tank of the car has a capacity of 45L

● It has 4 cylinders

● The car has a horsepower of 1493 cc


With all the latest car deals available to choose from, you can choose the ones you find affordable and has maximum features. Hyundai has shown a great resale value and with an informed decision, you are sure to make no less of a benefit with a second-hand model. Complete your purchase by buying the right Hyundai car insurance as well.

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