5 important things to know before opting for a car CNG kit


20 May 2023

Before Installing a Car CNG Kit: 5 Crucial Factors to Consider for a Smooth Transition

With the rising fuel prices, considering cost-effective options like CNG seems like the best option for many car owners. CNG is an environmentally friendly and budget-friendly fuel alternative. Are you thinking of opting for this fuel alternative? There are two ways to do so. You can purchase a car with a pre-fitted CNG kit, which is the most convenient option. Secondly, you can install the CNG kit in your existing diesel or petrol car. Though the CNG kit is a relatively low-budget and eco-friendly option, it has pros and cons. Hence, you must consider various factors when opting for a CNG kit.

Five essential things to know before opting for a CNG kit:

The following are the five things to consider while choosing a car CNG kit

1. Check the compatibility of the CNG kit with your existing car

If you are getting a CNG kit installed in your existing diesel or petrol car. It is essential to check the compatibility of the fuel type for the usage of the car. Fuel customisation may only be possible for some cars. Compatibility is not a concern if you are buying a brand-new car pre-fitted with CNG.

The next step is getting approval from the RTO (Regional Transport Office) and the fuel change details updated in the Registration Certificate (RC book). It is also essential to inform your car insurance company about fuel changes to avoid hassles during the claim process in the future. You can only drive your vehicle on the road after getting the approval and updated documents.

2. Proximity of refueling stations:

CNG gas stations cannot be found everywhere like the other fuel stations. Refueling can become a problem if the gas stations are farther from your place or if there are only fewer stations nearby. Hence, you need to consider the number of gas stations before you install a CNG kit in your car.

3. Check maintenance and installation cost:

Installation of a CNG kit into your car by an authorised dealer could cost a higher amount. Maintenance of CNG cars also is relatively higher in terms of cost than petrol/diesel cars. Though CNG is a safer option with affordable fuel prices, other costs must be considered.

4. Car insurance premium for CNG cars:

One of the mandatory essential costs associated with your car is buying car insurance. You can get affordable insurance for your car when you buy car insurance online. However, a car insurance premium depends on various factors, including fuel type. As CNG cars require higher maintenance and frequent repairs, car insurance premiums for CNG cars are relatively higher.

5. Visible difference in car’s performance:

You might see a notable change in your car’s performance after the installation of the CNG kit in comparison to petrol/diesel cars. Performance deteriorates with time would result in lower speed as it affects the engine resulting in frequent services.

Every fuel type comes with pros and cons. You must make a choice based on considering all the critical factors. Whatever the fuel type you choose for your car, remember to secure your valued possession with a comprehensive car insurance policy from all insurable risks and damages. 


There are pros and cons of opting for a CNG kit for your vehicle, but you need to weigh the same to conclude whether you need the same or not. CNG being more environmentally friendly, might be a great option in the long run, but you would have to service your car more frequently to maintain the car’s performance. However, in either case, you need to secure your vehicle with appropriate car insurance online to cover all damages and unforeseen expenses, and you do not have to pay out of pocket!

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