5 Essential tips to take care of and extend your e-bike battery life


19 Jun 2023

Maximize Your E-Bike Battery Life with These 5 Tips.

Just like you need bike insurance to protect your electric bike from the law and any uncertainties, you must take care of its battery. A well-maintained battery can last the entire lifetime and help you have a pleasant experience with the ride. So, if you are planning to buy or have already purchased your e-bike home, you must know & follow some tips to take care of your ebike batteries.

How to take care of your e-bike batteries?

Below are the five tips that will help you take good care of your e-bike battery -

  • Check the battery fuse regularly

Every time you get your e-bike service, ask the service provider to check your battery fuse. Also, it is important to develop a habit of changing the old battery fuse even if they are working well. The fuse is inexpensive; changing it every time will save your battery from any severe damage.

  • Top up your battery.

Check the water level of your ebike batteries every two weeks. If you are unsure of how much water you should fill in, look for the marker at the side. Also, ensure to use only distilled water. This is because tap water contains impurities that might affect the battery's health by causing permanent damage to the electrolyte.

  • Check for leaks

This is one of the most important parts you must do daily. Due to improper installation or mechanical damage, the battery might begin to leak. If you see any electrolyte or water leaking out, take your bike to the service center and get it replaced. Always ensure you have an electric bike insurance policy to cover the battery damage charges, as they are quite expensive.

  • Battery requires a dry & cool place.

Ensure you place your e-bike in a dry and cool place. This is because the ebike batteries can lose half of their capacity if kept in direct sunlight for long hours. It is better to prefer a shadowed area to park your bike instead of direct sunlight.

  • Use the right charger.

Always ensure to use the charger given to you at the time of purchasing the e-bike. Using external chargers or extension cords might permanently damage the battery.


Taking care of your electric motorcycle's battery will give you extended benefits of using your e-bike for longer. In addition, always ensure that you have a comprehensive electric bike insurance policy to protect yourself from any financial damage to the bike or any third-party property or vehicle.

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