Winter eye care: Safeguarding your vision in cold weather


25 Jan 2024

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It is quite important to take care of your vision, all year round. However, this need intensifies at certain times of the year, such as in winter. Lots of infections loom around at this time so you should be extra careful with your eyes. Following a proper eye care routine, along with seeing the doctor regularly, would surely help.

Winter eye care tips

Protect against the sun

Sun protection is something that people think of during summer. But the winter sun is very harsh as well. And since many people like to sunbathe during winter, it is very important to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Carry high-quality sunglasses with you whenever you step outside and cover your eyes when moving outdoors.

Maintain the moisture

Just like your skin tends to get dry during the winter, your eye experiences dryness too. Ensure you keep your eyes well hydrated. Use suitable eye drops to reduce the dryness. Dry eyes irritate and if you rub them too much because of this, you may develop a common eye infection in India.

Avoid touching your eyes

This is a thumb rule that you need to follow all year long, so avoid touching your eyes too much. You don't wash your hands as frequently in winter as you do in summer, because the water is too cold. This leads to a germ buildup in your fingers and hands. When you touch your eyes with those fingers, the germs get transmitted and you are left with an eye infection.

Choose eye products carefully

Choose your eye makeup products with care. Whether it is an eye pencil or a new under-eye gel, get good-quality products from reputed brands. Using substandard eye cosmetics can cause a lot of harm to your eyes, so be very careful.

Clean your contact lenses

A major reason for eye infections in India is unhygienic contact lenses. If you use contact lenses, you have to clean them very thoroughly, as per the guidelines provided. You cannot skip this step, as using unclean lenses can directly harm your eyes. You also need to change and replace the contact lenses from time to time.

Meet your doctor if any discomfort

Your eyes are one of the most precious and sensitive organs in the body. You cannot take any risk with your eyes, so visit an eye doctor if you experience any sort of discomfort. Whether your eyes are watering unnaturally, they are burning, turning red or there is a difference in your vision, get it tested right away. When your eyes feel fine, then also go for regular checks, as you may not be able to identify an underlying eye problem on your own.

To sum it up

It is very important to safeguard your vision in winter. From following the best eye care practices to meeting your doctor regularly, do everything that is needed. Also, get a health insurance plan as the medical policies from Kotak General Insurance offer ophthalmic covers.

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