Why Winter is the best season to start your fitness journey and workouts


27 Jul 2023

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Are you thinking of starting your fitness workout journey, but winter is making you lazy? Have you been on your fitness journey this year, thinking that winter may slow down your progress? Well! All of us get lazy in winter.

The warmth and comfort of our blankets may slow down our progress. However, being fit and healthy needs to be the top priority. Also, did you know that winter can actually be helpful in your weight loss journey?

Yes, you read that right. These are not mere claims. The statement is supported by scientific research.

We carry two kinds of fats in our body, good or brown fat and white or bad fat. Brown fat, or good fat, has been present in us since birth. White or bad fat is what accumulates in our bodies and leads to obesity.

Brown fat is essential for us as it plays many important roles, including keeping us warm and active during winter. This type of fat also requires more mitochondria to burn calories. Mitochondria will eventually burn calories to keep our bodies warm. During winter, these work extra hard to burn calories and keep our bodies warm.

How can exercise during winter be of added help in weight loss?

It has been found that exercise produces hormones that stimulate the good fat in our bodies. Also, another research suggests that slightly colder temperatures can increase the rate of calories burnt by our bodies to anywhere between 3-30 percent.

One of the doctors involved in another research explains this by saying, "In colder or lower temperatures, your heart does not have to work as hard, you sweat less, and spend less amount of energy, indicating you can exercise more efficiently."

It essentially means that working out in winter can improve our endurance by a great deal. Endurance will help us build strength and burn more calories leading to higher strength and more weight loss.

So, now you know that winter can actually boost the effectiveness of your fitness workout sessions and make you fitter, leaner, and stronger. Moreover, working out for the same amount of time in winter can actually burn more calories than doing the same in summer. So, now you know that for a fitter body, you need to get out of that blanket and get to work. Winter may make us want to chill in our blanket and enjoy a cup of coffee. Sure, do that. But do not ignore your fitness journey and exercise regularly. You already know that with as much effort, you will be able to get a greater benefit in winter.


Do not let the cold weather hold you back. If you stop now or do not even begin your fitness workout journey, you may be setting yourself up for a setback. Being lazy will make you lose all the progress you made. And if you are just starting out, it is the best way to do less in the beginning but get more results. So, do not wait for summer, and do not procrastinate. The time to get fit is now!

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