Why is the Delhi smog an alarming need for buying health insurance?

Do's & don'ts while purchasing medical insurance policy

09 Jun 2023

The Alarming Impact of Delhi Smog on Health and the Urgent Need for Health Insurance

The reports of Delhi having poor air quality are not new. Sadly, over the years, the situation seems to have deteriorated. The high amounts of pollutants lead to hazardous smog, causing various serious health issues for almost all of its citizens, especially the elderly and children. Did you know the air quality is so poor that it is causing numerous irreversible damages to the lungs of 2.2 million children1, which is half of the total children’s population? This alarming situation emphasises the significance of having adequate health insurance coverage.

Why is Delhi smog an alarming need for buying health insurance?

The right health insurance plans provide financial protection from high-cost healthcare treatments for pollution-induced illnesses. They also give you the peace of mind of knowing that if need be, there are sufficient funds available to get the best possible treatment. Let a look at some other reasons that necessitate the reasons for buying health insurance.

  1. To cover the in-hospital expenses:
    Medical insurance offers protection against healthcare expenditures as well as any potential medical expenses that may arise following the treatment course.

  2. Cover your whole family in an affordable way:
    Insurance providers offer family floater policies that combine benefits for your whole family. These family floater plans offer more coverage while lowering premium expenses, thus making sure that every family member's medical care is covered.

  3. To ensure quality treatment without the worry of the hospital bill:
    The majority of medical insurance policies offer cashless services, allowing you to avoid paying for hospital costs out of pocket. This enables you to receive high-quality medical care without having to worry about hospital treatment costs.

  4. Cashless claims make settlement easier:
    Due to cashless treatments, the health insurance claim process gets easier and quicker without causing any hassle to the policyholder.

  5. Regular health check-ups can timely diagnose a medical issue:
    Health insurances allow free health checkups at regular intervals. This can help you to identify and diagnose any pollution-related medical issues at an early stage.

How to survive and help lessen Delhi smog?

Follow the steps listed below to stay safe from the Delhi smog

  1. Everybody, especially children, should stay indoors as much as possible. Wearing N95/N99 masks while stepping out is essential.

  2. As burning agricultural waste is a major contributor to smog, stubble burning must be ceased on all fronts.

  3. Purifying home and car air at regular intervals are useful.

  4. Drink sufficient water, including herbal teas and foods rich in Vitamin C and omega fatty acids in your everyday diet.

  5. Using public transport will emit lesser gasses that will eventually create lesser smog. Simply put, the fewer the vehicles, the lesser the smog.


Holding a health insurance plan implies that you possess a safety net that shields you and is available for you when you need it. Medical insurance comes to your aid and relieves you of financial strain whenever you or your loved ones need to undergo unforeseen/ essential medical treatments. In essence, although there is little that can be done to eradicate Delhi smog entirely, you can at least be spared of the costs associated with hospitalisation brought on by the negative effects of smog by investing in a health insurance plan today.

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