Why Getting Health Insurance That Covers Home Health Care is Important


16 Jun 2022

Today, as healthcare costs are skyrocketing, it is necessary to have a robust health insurance cover for you and your family members. It helps you get financial protection against the treatment expenses and keep your savings intact. Also, the insurance companies are offering many customisations to suit the varying insurance needs of the people. One such popular customisation is coverage for home health care or domiciliary treatment.

What is home health care?

Home health care is referred to a situation wherein the health insurance policyholder gets treatment for his condition and receives other health care services at his home. This could happen because of the following reasons:

• The patient’s condition is such that they cannot leave their home and be taken to the hospital.

• The hospital has no spare bed to accommodate the patient or there is shortage of other resources due to which the patient cannot be treated there.

• The medical practitioner specifically advises the patient to stay at home and get treatment instead of going to the hospital.

If home health care or domiciliary treatment is covered under your health insurance policy, you can file a claim for home treatment and get compensation from the insurer under domiciliary treatment upto the limitsas specified in the policy. This is provided, the Insured Person's Domiciliary Hospitalisation extends for at least 3 consecutive days in which case the medical expenses will be covered under the policy from the first day of Domiciliary Hospitalisation

Why should you buy a health insurance plan that covers home health care?

If your policy covers home care treatment, you can avail the health insurance policy benefits without getting admitted to the hospital. You can get treatment at your home, file a claim after the treatment is over and get compensation from the insurer.

Many insurance companies provide cashless treatment facilities for home health care. This means you need not pay a single rupee from your pocket. You only have to submit the original bills, receipts, doctor prescriptions and other documents to the insurer and they will settle the bill directly with the doctor or the concerned medical authority.

Important things to remember while availing home health care

• The coverage for home health care is part of the overall coverage of your policy.

• Make sure to read the policy documents thoroughly and be aware of the policy’s inclusions and exclusions. Some conditions may be permanently excluded and it may not be covered under home health care.

• Check the waiting period for the specific medical condition and the pre-existing diseases you are suffering from.

• Consult your doctor to know if home treatment for your condition is advisable or not.

• Know about the claim filing and settlement process with your insurer for home health care.

• Ensure that you have access to trained nurses, expert doctors and medical equipment while you are seeking home health care.

Final Word

While buying a health insurance policy, do your research well and choose a plant that covers home health care, like the Kotak Health Premier Policy from Kotak General Insurance. It covers domiciliary treatment and offers many other benefits. Visit our Kotak General Insurance website to know more about the policy and its features and benefits.

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