What is top up and super top up in Health Insurance


27 Jul 2023

Top-up and Super Top-Up health insurance policies are becoming popular between people. Protect your health and your wallet with these valuable insurance options.

If you have a health insurance cover, great! However, do you have enough coverage? Due to the rising healthcare cost, and special treatment needs, many people find themselves in a situation where their health insurance is insufficient to cover the full treatment cost.

Thankfully, today, you have the option to boost your health insurance with top-up and super-up plans. Both these plans help you increase the sum insured of your policy. But, how are these two plans different? Read on to know more.

What is a top-up health insurance plan?

A top-up health insurance plan helps you enhance the sum insured amount of your existing policy and provides you additional financial coverage after you have fully utilised the maximum claim amount. In a nutshell, the top-up health insurance plan acts as an additional layer of financial protection or a back-up plan and gives you a financial safety net when you exhaust the sum insured of your base health insurance policy.

Let us understand how the top-up plan works with an example.

Suppose, you have purchased a health insurance policy with a sum insured ofRs.5 lakhs, and you enhanced the coverage with a top-up plan ofRs.10 lakhs. Now, the total sum insured at your disposal isRs.15 lakhs.

If your medical bill isRs.8 lakhs, the insurer will payRs.5 lakhs from the base plan, and the balance amount, i.e.,Rs.3 lakhs from the top-up plan.

What is a super top-up health insurance plan?

Super top-up health insurance policy is a top-up plan, it helps you enhance your existing policy’s sum insured. However, the difference is that the super top-up plan works on the total medical expenses incurred in a policy year and not on a per claim basis.

Unlike the top-up healthcare plans that cover the claim when a single claim is above the threshold limit, the super top-up plans cover the claims when the claims during a policy period exceeds the initial sum insured amount.

Let us understand how the super top-up plan works with an example:

Suppose, you have purchased a health insurance policy ofRs.5 lakhs and enhance the sum insured by buying a super top-up plan ofRs.10 lakhs.

Now, if your medical bill isRs.8 lakh, you will get a full coverage for the amount, and you need not pay anything from your pocket. If in the same year, you get hospitalised again, and the bill paying isRs.4 lakhs, the insurer will cover the amount too.

Importance of top-up and super top-up plans

• The healthcare inflation is rising at an alarming rate. This means you must have a comprehensive health insurance cover with high sum insured. With top-up and super top-up plans you can easily increase the sum insured after you exhaust the initial amount.

• The top-up and super top-up plans provide you with additional coverage over and above the base sum insured at a much affordable premium compared to the regular healthcare plans.

• If you have a senior citizen in your family, they may be vulnerable to get hospitalised multiple times in a year, which would exhaust your sum insured. With top-up and super top-up plans you can enhance the coverage and get enough financial protection.

• Like the regular health insurance plans, top-up and super top-up plans offer tax-saving benefits.

• Medical emergencies can occur at any time without any warning, and buying top-up and super top-up plans is the most cost effective way to ensure that you have enough financial coverage during emergencies.

Final Word

Thus, top-up and super top-up health insurance plans are a great way to get additional coverage against medical costs. If you are looking for the best healthcare plans, you can consider a policy from us, at Kotak General Insurance. We offer a variety of plans and you would surely find one that suits your needs.

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