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Room Rent Limit in Health Insurance

When you buy a health insurance policy, you must ensure that it provides adequate coverage and maximum benefits. While buying a health insurance policy, many things often get overlooked, and one of those things is the sub-limits. There are some benefits under a health policy that come with a sub-limit which is a restriction to extent of benefits covered under a health policy. For example, the room rent limit is one such most common sub-limits.

Generally, before a strenuous medical procedure or surgery, the patient is required to get admitted to a hospital, at least one day earlier in order to complete a thorough check-up, undergo various diagnostic or preparatory tests and general preparation. Hospitalization is also required for a few days right after the surgery or operation in order to recuperate and general observation. After discharge, the final medical bill reflects the room rent on a per-day basis. So, the room rent limit is the limit that is imposed on the coverage of rent and other accommodation expenses in the hospital. This monetary limit is also known as room rent capping. It can be defined either as a percentage of the insured amount or as a fixed specific amount. For example, If the room rent limit in your health insurance policy is Rs.5000, for a sum insured of Rs.5 lakh. But if the limit is determined as 2% of the sum insured, then the room rent limit will be Rs.10,000.

Your entire claim for health insurance cover depends on the room rent limit. It also caps and affects doctors’ fees and treatment costs along with the coverage.

Types of room rent coverage under health insurance plans:

There are different types of room rent covers under health insurance plans:

1. Room rent without capping:

A room rent without capping is considered one of the most demanded popular features in health insurance plans. Since the insurance provider does not put any limits or restrictions on the room rents, it gives the policyholders a chance to freely choose the room type of their choice.

2. Room rent co-payments:

The room rent on a co-payment basis helps the insured to share the expenses on the room rent with the insurer. If your health insurance policy has a specific room rent limit, then anything above that specified limit is borne by the insurer. Co-payment is a less favoured feature since it requires the policyholder to pay out of their pocket too.

3. Room rent with specified room types:

Some health insurance policies cover specific types of rooms in the room rent feature. The insured can opt for a general ward, suite, twin-sharing suite, or a private room. Under this feature, the patients can only be admitted to pre-specified rooms as per the insurance policy.

4. Room rents without sub-limits as add-on cover:

Add-on covers in health insurance are added features that can be bought with a base health insurance policy to extend the coverage by paying an extra premium. Sometimes, a no room rent sub-limit feature comes as add on cover in a health insurance policy and not as a default feature, and the policyholder has to pay an additional amount to get the feature covered.

Hence, it is advisable to buy a health insurance policy with no room rent capping or get the one that has a higher room rent capping limit so that it can cover any room the policyholder wishes to take.

Kotak General Insurance offers a diverse range of health insurance services and products to help you secure your future from any uncertain medical emergency.

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