What is day care treatment? Role of health insurance


31 Oct 2023

Understanding Day Care Treatment and How Health Insurance Provides Support

Day care treatment refers to medical procedures or surgeries that are performed in a hospital or clinic but do not require the patient to be admitted overnight. In today's fast-moving world, health issues can arise unexpectedly, which might medical attention that may not necessarily require an overnight hospital stay. In such situation, day care treatment becomes a feasible option. Medical procedures are typically completed within a few hours, allowing patients to return home on the same day. To make day care treatment more accessible and affordable, health insurance plays a vital role in providing support. Kotak general insurance will explore what day care treatment entails and how health insurance can assist in covering the costs.

Understanding day care treatment

Day care treatment cover a wide scale of medical procedures that can be completed within a day, eliminating the need for longer hospital stays. Common examples of day care treatments include cataract surgery, minor orthopedic procedures, chemotherapy, dialysis, endoscopy and many more. These procedures are performed in well-equipped hospitals or specialised clinics with state-of-the-art facilities and skilled healthcare professionals.

Benefits of day care treatment

Day care treatment offers several advantages to patients, including:

  • Patients can receive necessary medical treatment without the need for overnight hospitalisation, allowing them to return home and resume their daily activities.

  • As day care treatments do not involve extended hospital stays, they are generally more affordable compared to inpatient procedures.

  • Day care treatment minimizes the disruption to the patient's routine and avoids the emotional stress associated with prolonged hospitalization.

Role of health insurance

Health insurance plays an important role in supporting individuals who require day care treatment. Here's how health insurance provides assistance:

  • Health insurance policies include coverage for day care treatments. Basically, the medical expenses incurred are covered during these procedures through health insurance.

  • Health insurance often require pre-authorization for day care treatments. This process ensures that the proposed procedure is medically necessary and covered under the policy.

  • Typically, opting for health insurance plans can help you to receive day care treatment that have a easy access to network hospitals and clinics.

  • Medical insurance plans offer additional benefits specific to day care treatment. These may include coverage for pre- and post-hospitalization expenses, consultations, ambulance services, etc.

  • Health insurance provides protection financially by covering the costs of day care treatment.


Day care treatment has revolutionised the healthcare industry by providing efficient and cost-effective medical care for a wide range of procedures. Health insurance plays a vital role in supporting individuals undergoing day care treatment by covering the expenses associated with these procedures. It is essential to have health insurance coverage with Kotak health insurance that caters to these evolving medical needs.

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