What are communicable diseases and how to prevent


27 Jul 2023

Read about what are communicable diseases & how to prevent For more information, check out the health insurance plans from Kotak General Insurance.

Countries all over the world are still recovering from the havoc created by Covid-19. Unlike other infectious diseases, Covid-19 was highly contagious, with a severe illness often leading to death. Not just Covid-19, India is plagued with a number of communicable diseases due to a lack of hygiene practices and cleanliness. Hence, it is important to buy a health insurance plan that provides coverage for these diseases.

Let us explore some common categories of communicable diseases and ways to prevent these diseases.

Communicable diseases: meaning, causes, and symptoms

A communicable disease is an infectious disease caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites and can be easily spread from one person to another through various routes. You can get infected if you,

1. Come in contact with an infected person

2. Consume contaminated food or water

3. Visit a place with a high number of communicable disease infections. You can get an infection through the air if an infected person coughs or sneezes near you.

4. Do not maintain proper hygiene, such as washing hands regularly.

5. Are bitten by a carrier animal or insect.

6. Have low immunity and are prone to infections.

Some common symptoms of a communicable disease include;

1. Fever

2. Body aches and fatigue

3. Nausea

4. Cough

5. Diarrhoea

6. Rash

7. Cough

8. Difficulty in breathing

Common communicable diseases found in India

In India, there is an evolving list of communicable diseases, which is a great cause of concern. If you are diagnosed with any of the given diseases, make sure you have a health insurance policy that covers treatment for these diseases.

1. Covid-19 - It is a highly contagious disease that impacts people not just in India but around the globe. It is a respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which can have mild to severe symptoms. People with pre-existing diseases are at higher risk of severe infection affecting major organs. This disease weakens the immune system irrespective of the severity of the symptoms, so it is best to take precautions like wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, and getting vaccinated to avoid a Covid-19 infection.

2. Malaria - It is a parasitic disease transmitted by infected mosquitos through their bites. The symptoms start to appear 10 to 15 days after the bite and include high fever, headache, and fatigue. If not diagnosed on time, it can be fatal. Children are most vulnerable to getting an infection. It will be helpful to have family health insurance so that children are covered.

3. Tuberculosis - Commonly known as TB, it is a bacterial infection that affects the lungs. The bacteria spreads through the air when an infected person coughs or sneezes and infects other people. If not detected early, the disease is life-threatening, and the treatment is long. Hence having health insurance coverage can prevent draining your savings.

4. Influenza - It is a viral disease spread through respiratory droplets and affects the respiratory system and throat. A flu infection is very common in children compared to adults. Symptoms include fever, sore throat, runny nose, and fatigue.

Ways to prevent communicable diseases

There are many ways to prevent communicable diseases from spreading.

1. Get vaccinated against seasonal and common communicable diseases such as the flu.

2. Maintain good personal hygiene, like washing hands regularly.

3. Use protective means such as masks and gloves to prevent contracting as well as spreading any infection.

4. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle by exercising, consuming a balanced meal, and avoiding drinking and smoking to build good immunity against diseases.

5. Do not delay consulting a doctor if you experience any symptoms, and isolate yourself to avoid spreading the infection.

6. Keep your surroundings clean.

7. Maintain social distancing and avoid going to crowded places if there are chances of getting an infection.


Most communicable diseases are preventable if you are cautious and follow good hygiene practices. However, in case you get an infection, do not ignore your symptoms and start treatment as early as possible. Lastly, get a health insurance plan that covers common communicable diseases so that you are prepared against any unforeseen medical expenses.

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