Understanding the ageing process of the human body: Recognising the changes


05 Feb 2024

All you need to know about the ageing process of the human body.

The ageing process of the human body is a natural phenomenon and unavoidable. Your health cannot retain its prime form throughout your life. However, with proper diet and exercise you can slow ageing to a certain extent, but its onset cannot be stopped. Since ageing is inevitable, it is better to stay protected beforehand with befitting health insurance to handle medical contingencies well. Kotak General Insurance can prove to be your friend in need in this respect.

What is ageing?

Ageing is considered as a “time-related deterioration” of the human body, affecting its physiological and even psychological functions, mostly related to survival and childbirth.

The overall ageing process is associated with five dynamic changes, including, physiological, psychological, environmental, biological, social, and behavioural.

Signs of ageing

The initial signs of ageing begin from around 25 years onwards. However, the signs may not be too apparent for everyone during that time. Skin ageing and one or two white hair strands are the primary noticeable signs here.

However, over time, these signs aggravate and develop other symptoms as well:

  1. Crow’s feet: These are the fine lines that gradually develop around the eyes and are generally caused by squinting or smiling.

  2. Eye wrinkles: Apart from crow’s feet, wrinkles also begin to appear between your eyebrows and eyelids, along with baggy eyes.

  3. Age spots: Your skin begins losing its charm and begins to discolour. It may also develop “age spots”. Overexposure to the sun may develop sunspots. It may even be caused by overproduction of melanin pigments.

  4. Laugh lines: As the name suggests, these are the lines that appear from the sides of the nose to the mouth corners. Repeated facial movements and expressions cause these lines.

  5. Loosened skin on jawline: With age the elastin present in your skin cells starts breaking down causing skin sagging on your face.

  6. Greying hair: One of the most imminent ageing signs is the onset of grey hair. It begins with one or two strands and then this rate significantly increases over time.

  7. Lack of physical strength: Ageing significantly reduces your work capacity with time. You begin to feel less energised, fatigued, and tired. Carrying load and using stairs may prove to be increasingly difficult.

What is internal ageing?

Ageing is not only an external issue, but your vital signs and organs are also affected due to ageing. Your digestive system, cardiovascular system, bone joints, and nervous system all begin to show ageing signs at some point after 30 years. Their performance capacity gradually begins to reduce with time.

Factors responsible for ageing

Scientists have not been able to entirely understand the complicated interplay of all the factors responsible for ageing. However, some of the probable factors include diet, physical activities, genetics, lifestyle, illnesses, etc.


Reverse ageing in humans is scientifically not possible. But with proper diet, exercise, and medicines, you may slow it down and preserve your youth for a longer span. We can foster a culture that values and respects the diverse experiences of ageing individuals.

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