Top 6 gentle ways to detox your body post Diwali


27 Jul 2023

Discover 6 easy tips to detox your body post-Diwali, including drinking water and exercising. Learn more and get health insurance from Kotak General Insurance.

Diwali is such a fun time. Get-togethers, tasty treats, lip-smacking mithai, waves of laughter and lots of chatter. But as the festivities come to an end, reality may hit you hard. Your jeans may seem tighter, the dresses may seem too snug! So, what is it that you can do? Go on a soup/salad diet?

While these diet fads may help you lose a little weight, they may bring loss of nutrients too, and you must not build an unhealthy relationship with food. Here are 5 easy and gentle tips that would help your body post-Diwali.

1. Take control of the environment- Get rid of the leftovers:

Probably the first thing to do when you wish to detox your body is to detox your fridge. As quickly as possible, get rid of all sweets or unhealthy snacks. Go cold turkey, try, and break up with sugar. Eating right will surely help you recover from the lassitude that you may have developed during the Diwali break.

2. Eat home-cooked food:

Come back to your everyday routine and avoid eating out. Eat simple yet fresh home-cooked meals. Rice and dal, seasonal vegetables, chapattis, and idli-dosa are way better than eating processed food.

3. Drink lots of water:

Drinking at least 3.5 litres of water in a day is considered an important step to cleanse your body. Staying hydrated would help you detox faster and better. You can also make detox water by using any of the following combinations:

a. Cucumber and mint water

b. Apple and cinnamon water

c. Strawberry and basil water

Detox water will not only help you to flush out the toxins from your body but also help in weight loss, improve your overall digestive system, enhance your mood and boost your overall immunity system.

4. Eat light:

Try fasting. However, fasting does not mean not eating throughout the day. Try maintaining a gap of 12-14 hours between your meals. Give your body time to get back to normal. Focus on whole foods, including fruits and leafy veggies, in your meals. Make sure to include a big bowl of salad in all your meals.

5. Exercise:

Be it hitting the gym, cycling, walking or yoga, exercising is one of the quickest ways to get your body back into balance. It not only boosts your mood but also improve the overall efficiency of the body.

6. Rather than being an emotional eater, be an intentional eater:

This is probably the ultimate tip. Intentional eating will not only help you control what you eat, but it will also save you from the guilt of emotional or mindless eating. Overindulgence in foods must stop with the holidays. Eat with intention and cherish what you eat.

After a festive feast, you don’t really have to go extreme. Take care of your body, take control and get back on track happily and consistently. An unhealthy diet can easily force a trip to the hospital. Also, make sure that your health insurance plan is renewed timely so that even if you need to visit the doctor/ hospital, your health insurance can save you from digging deep into your savings and taking the fun out of the good times you just had.

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