Top 3 Killer Diseases You Must Get Insured Yourself Against In 2022


03 Oct 2022

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Over the past few decades, the health care system in India has improved significantly. With the discovery of new drugs, treatment methods, vaccines, several diseases, including life-threatening conditions like cancer, can be treated. However, there are still many dangerous and infectious diseases that account for nearly 60% of all deaths in India.

These diseases are not only a threat for the person suffering from them but also for their families. Also, the treatment of such diseases often costs a lot of money, and it can be unaffordable for many average Indian families. This is why we need to have robust health insurance coverage against such killer diseases.

In this write-up, we discuss the top life-threatening diseases that you must get insured against in 2022.


The COVID-19 caused by the novel Coronavirus is a highly infectious respiratory disease. It started in 2019 in China and then soon spread to the world and became a pandemic. The disease has already taken millions of lives globally. Although several vaccines are discovered for COVID-19 and people are immunised against the infection, the disease continues to pose a threat due to the virus mutations.

The IRDA issued a mandate in early 2020 asking all the insurance companies in India to cover COVID-19 under existing health insurance policies. However, if you don’t have health insurance cover yet, now would be the right time to purchase one. You can buy standard health insurance or a Corona-specific policy like the Corona Kavach Policy or the Corona Rakshak Policy.


Stroke is a severe condition that can have fatal consequences. It happens when the blood vessels in the brain get blocked or there is a leakage. A sudden feeling of numbness in the body and confusion are two vital signs of a stroke. It can also sometimes make you lose your vision.

It is a dangerous condition, and its treatment can be expensive depending on the intensity of the stroke. Without sufficient insurance coverage against it, you may end up spending lakhs of Rupees and deplete your years of hard-earned savings. Getting a health insurance cover is the best bet to save yourself from financial hassles and get the best treatment possible without worrying about the cost.

Tuberculosis (TB)

TB is an infectious lung disease that can affect other parts of the body. Sudden loss of weight, bleeding while you cough, loss of appetite, and high fever can be signs of TB. It is a severe condition that can take your life if you don’t get the proper treatment on time. Today, there are many drugs and treatment methods that can help you fully recover from the condition.

However, the treatment can be expensive, and it can run into several lakhs. So, make sure that your health insurance policy covers this disease. If not, it is advisable to purchase a rider like a critical illness rider to get financial protection against the treatment of such a condition.

While the life-threatening diseases discussed above can be avoided by taking preventive measures, they can result in death if you don’t get medical attention on time. Additionally, adopting a healthy lifestyle, including eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise, can help you reduce the risk of such health conditions.

Since such diseases carry high risk, make sure that you and your family are well-prepared by buying a comprehensive health insurance plan. This will help you get quality health care during an emergency. Kotak General Insurance offers a wide range of health insurance policies. You can know more about these policies by visiting our website

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